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Lobster Claw (deformed)

  Hairy Crab
  Hermit Crab
  Long-clawed Porcelain Crab
  Pea Crab
  Round Crab
  Shore Crab
  Velvet Swimming Crab
Lobster's Meal Time
Lobster Notes
Mantis Shrimps
Prawns and Shrimps
Spider Crab, Maja squinado (Shoreham)
Spider Crab, Macropodia rostrata
Spider Crab   Eurynome aspersa
Chinese Mitten Crab  Eriocheir sinensis
Xantho incisus
Xantho pilipes
Common British Hermit Crabs
  1. Diogenes pugilator 
  2. Pagurus bernhardus 
  3. Pagurus cuanensis  (CD-ROM ONLY)
  4. Pagurus prideaux 
  5. Pagurus pubescens 
  6. Anapagurus chiroacanthus 
  7. Anapagurus hyndmanni 
  8. Anapagurus laevis
There are at least 8 further species of 
Hermit Crab found in British seas.

Intertidal Crabs (Sussex)

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Fish Notes:

Pilchards, Mevagissey, individual night catches 100-150 stone, 1000 stone per week. (1998).