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(Supplementary Rules in brackets)

1) That the Society should be named: 'British Marine Life Study Society'.
(That this can be abbreviated to B.M.L.S.S.)

2) That the objectives of the B.M.L.S.S. shall be:
a) the study of the marine flora and fauna of the seas surrounding the British Isles and North East Atlantic waters.
b) the study of the ecology of the marine world of the British Isles and related sciences and art.
c) the publication and distribution of knowledge of the marine fauna and flora and ecology of the British marine environment.
(British marine environment to include brackish water and terrestrial habitats environmentally and ecologically influenced by the sea).
(Study to include species found in the marine environment, including laboratory and aquarium studies, and where the British species are found in other parts of the world).

d) Promotion of ideas and projects concerning the conservation of the marine environment. (The scope to include making considered representations. The B.M.L.S.S. will not be a campaigning Society).

( It will not include technical aspects of aqualung diving, any aspect of the spear-fishing hobby, animal rights campaigns, rod & line or commercial fishing, aquarium trade; unless they directly relate to the prior issues and are not the principal contents of the article).

3) That Membership should run for one year and be renewable annually.
There should should be 5 classes of membership. i.e.

a) Individual membership.
The member will be entitled to one vote at the A.G.M. and any other open meetings.
The member shall be entitled to one copy of the journal 'Glaucus' and other literature.

b) Family membership.
The member shall be entitled to one vote at the A.G.M. and any other open meeting.
The member shall be entitled to one copy of the journal 'Glaucus' and other literature.

c) Corporate membership.
This membership is open to organisations. No voting rights accrue.
The subscriptions are variable according to the number of copies of 'Glaucus' and other literature supplied.
(All individual members are required to give their home address).

d) Associate membership.
This is a complimentary membership open to individuals and organisations.
The member shall be entitled to one vote at the A.G.M. and open meetings.

e) Honorary Membership.
This class of membership can be awarded by the Executive Committee.

4) The Annual General Meeting shall be held between the dates 23 September and 31 December each year.
The A.G.M. shall:
a) Receive accounts for the previous year. (The B.M.L.S.S. was formed on 4 June 1990 - accounting date yet to be decided).
b) Determine subscription for the succeeding year 1 January to 31 December.
c) Elect the Executive Committee, the minimium requirements should be a Secretary, Treasurer, and Editor of 'Glaucus'. The term of office should be for one year. All officers are eligible for re-election in the same post.
(Nominations for the posts on the Elected Committee and/or a alteration to the Constitution should be sent to the Secretary to arrive not later than the 31 August preceding the A.G.M. All nominations should be proposed and seconded by members entitled to vote. Proposed changes will be published in the Autumn journal. Late nominees may be declared invalid - this is only likely to happen when more than one person is standing for the same post).
d) A majority vote is required to pass a motion at the A.G.M. or Committee. A 90% majority will be required to change the objects of the B.M.L.S.S. or in matters of financial importance.

5) The journal of the B.M.L.S.S. shall be named GLAUCUS.

Supplementary Plans for next AGM:

Change of accounting date Clause 4 (a)
Change of AGM date Clause 4 (b)
Adjustment to Clause 4 (c)

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