20 September 2019

Meadow Brown on Wild Basil

There was a show of about fifty butterflies of eleven species with some, especially the Small Copper and the one tatty and one worn Adonis Blue likely to be the same butterflies seen on the lower slopes of Mill Hill four days ago. There were a handful of male Common Blues, two brighter Brown Argus, frequent Meadow Browns, occasional Small Heaths and Small Whites with one fleeting glimpse of a Wall Brown on the lower slopes. A bright Clouded Yellow was seen in the distance. A probable brown female Adonis Blue crawled amongst the undergrowth. A Common Darter (dragonfly) was seen amongst the butterflies and scores of Ivy Bees.

Small Copper

A Red Admiral or two were seen on the middle part of Mill Hill and a Speckled Wood in the top copse. On the parched hill there were few nectar plants: Devil's Bit Scabious was a clear favourite but on the middle part Wild Basil and Hoary Ragwort were seen used.

Brown Argus on Devil's Bit Scabious