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26 August 1998
The opponents to the Withdean Stadium improvements have withdrawn their legal objections to the Planning Permission (see below), clearing the way for immediate construction work on the Temporary Stands.

19 August 1998
With both first choice central defenders out for the Worthington Cup game against Northampton T, Brian Horton re-signs defender Graeme Atkinson, as well the experienced Ian Culverhouse, 34 years old, on a month's trial period from non-league Kingstonian (Vauxhall Conference, i.e. Division 4). Ian Culverhouse has played over 500 times for Norwich C. and Swindon T.
Graeme Atkinson was not retained at the end of last season as the club could not afford to pay him in the summer. Consequently, he has only signed a short term contract.

12 August 1998
High Court Judge orders a Preliminary Hearing into the Judicial Review over Brighton & Hove Councils handling of the Withdean Stadium Planning Application. This Hearing is expected to be held in September 1998.

10 August 1998
Brian Horton signs Jamie Moralee, aged 26, from Fulham on a monthsa contract. Brian Horton has been seeking a striker to fill a deficiency up front. He only joined Fulham this new season after leaving middle of the table Division 1 club Crewe Alexandra.

3 August 1998
Richard Barker is showing some nice touches (certainly he scored a final last goal against Newcastle T.) up front for the Albion in an undefeated run of pre-season friendlies against non-League clubs ending with a 3-0 victory over Newcastle Town in the Midlands.


31 July 1998.
Residents opposing Albion's temporary move to Withdean Stadium have taken legal action demanding a Judicial Review against Brighton & Hove Council for granting Planning Permission for the alterations to the Athletics Stadium. This seems to be a "storm in a teacup" but it does mean that the start at Withdean will be delayed until after October 1998 as originally planned.

Although the Plan was a bit cheap and shoddy (it would have been better to build a completely new Athletics Stadium with a Football Pitch on a different site e.g. Falmer, and sell Withdean for luxury housing), the delay represents a serious blow. It also presents grave doubts about the possibility of ever constructing a New Football Stadium in Sussex (if a few people with vested interests can delay a temporary small scale planning permission, what hope is there of a major scheme?).
Second Thoughts.

Planning Permission

Despite being a player for Withdean football club, I hope that the Albion get back as soon as possible and start getting it right on the pitch as well as off it.

Dave Mates 

30 July 1998   Paul Hosgrove is sold to Hibernian for £110,000.


List of new signings:

Paul Holsgrove, central midfield, from Stoke City (sold).
Mark Walton, goalkeeper, from Fulham. 6 ft 4 ".
Glenn Thomas, central defender, from Gillingham.
Danny Mills, left-sided midfielder, from Barnet.
Simon Wormull, central midfielder, from Brentford.
Gary Hart, striker, from Stansted (non-league).
Andy Ansah, striker, retained as a better striker could not be found.
Stafford Brown, striker from Hastings Town (on trial).
Michael Bennett, midfielder (on trial).

All signed on free transfers or for a nominal sum.

Players released:

Nicky Rust
Robbie Reinelt

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Possible team:

Smith, Hobson, Johnson, Mills
Storer, Minton, (Holsgrove), Bennett,
Hart, ??????

Subs:  Ormerod, , Barker, Mayo, Armstrong, Allan.
Reserves:  Ansah , Thomas, Tuck.
Youth:  Andrews, Ryan, Smith.

2 July       Mark Walton, 29 year old, large goalkeeper signed for £20,000 from ambitious

23 April   Paul Holsgrove, midfielder, is signed on a free transfer from Stoke City (Div. 1).  (sold).

Planning permission has been granted for improvements to the Withdean Athletics Stadium for Albion's home matches beginning about October 1998. The plan is to use the ground as a temporary home before a new Stadium is built.

The first game is expected to be against Mansfield Town. (see DELAY AT MOVING TO WITHDEAN)

Temporary stands will be erected on two sides of the Stadium to give a all-seated crowd capacity of 5,900. The plans for the stands look very temporary. The original plans are to sell season tickets for the whole season only. The cost is £240, payable in three instalments of £80, (not confirmed at the time of writing). This is a very poor deal for the fans.

The nearest railway station is Preston Park. Parking restrictions near the Stadium are expected to be enforced.

The Stadium itself is quite a long way from the houses and is quite well placed to avoid any nuisance to local residents. However, the local people have made complaints about the lack of adequate parking and there will be special transport arrangements for supporters.

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Second Thoughts

Why are the residents coughing up considerable amounts of money to oppose a scheme?  If they lose they stand to lose
£ thousands (up to £50,000). Maybe the scheme was seriously flawed by Brighton & Hove Council as they hurriedly put it through? There were no details in the Press but ....

The second possibility is a straight delaying tactic by the residents. In these cases, I have known poorly thought out schemes to wither, even with public support.

Everything, Brighton & Hove Albion seem to do nowadays  (with the exception of appointing Brian Horton as Manager) strikes me as being rather cheap. Still it is a improvement on the multi-coloured shirts of Barry Lloyd ("football has a way of kicking you in the teeth"), and the even worse, the penny-pinching days of David Belotti.


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  ven worse, the penny-pinching days of David Belotti.


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