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4 August 2021
Twelve species of butterfly showed on the top of Mill Hill on a surprise sunny afternoon led by the very frequent Chalkhill Blues..
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3 August 2021

Chalkhill Blues

Butterflies fluttered over the lower slopes of Mill Hill under a cloudy sky in the afternoon. Frequent 25+ Gatekeepers, 25+ Meadow Browns, 30+ Chalkhill Blues, including a mating pair, were joined by occasional Large Whites and at least one each of a Marbled White, female Common Blue, Peacock, and Small Tortoiseshell. Treble-bar Moths, Yellow Shell Moths and 6-spotted Burnet Moths were seen. A Kite-tailed Robberfly,Tolmerus atricapillus, waited in ambush. There was one large brown Oak Eggar Moth caterpillar crawling over the path.On the top part south of the reservoir, I added a Brimstone Butterfly. Painted Lady and Small Heath.

Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown

Eleven butterfly species and three macro moths

Late July 2021

Red Admiral

The common species of butterfly were frequently around, but not listed in detail.  Several days were missed because of rain.
Frequent: Marbled Whites. Large Whites, Meadow Browns, Gatekeepers, Small Skippers, Red Admirals.
Occasional: Green-veined White, Peacock, Comma, Small Heath

23 July 2021
At last, a handful of male Chalkhill Blue Butterflies fluttered restlessly over the lower slopes of Mill Hill.

19 July 2021
My first Comma Butterfly of the year was seen by some Stinging Nettles in the twitten to Corbyn Crescent by Middle Road allotments.

18 July 2021
A Peacock Butterfly fluttered around in my kitchen on a very sunny day.
On a virtually cloudless day the sun (25º C) burned anybody who ventured out of the shade. I still visited the upper part of Mill Hill in the mid-afternoon where two dozen butterflies fluttered around the attractive selection of chalkhill flowers amongst the long grasses south and west of the top car park. Marbled Whites. Large Whites, and Meadow Browns were all restless. There was at least one Small Heath, a probable Wall Brown and my first Painted Lady of the year on the middle slopes south of the copse,

14 July 2021

Hoverfly, Gatekeeper, Cinnabar Moth caterpillar

A couple of Gatekeepers on the southern steps to the lower slopes of Mill Hill were the first of the year, Other butterflies were occasional Marbled Whites. Large Whites, Meadow Browns, Red Admirals, a few Small Skippers, Small Heaths and one Wall Brown.

28 June 2021
Marbled White Butterflies were very lively over the lower slopes of Mill Hill where I also spotted my first Small Skipper of the year. New flowers appeared on a cloudy humid afternoon. Small Heath Butterflies, pristine Red Admirals, large Meadow Browns, a Silver Y Moth and 6-spotted Burnet Moth were noted as the first spots of rain were felt.
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24 June 2021
My first Ringlet Butterfly of the year fluttered around the early post Summer Solstice flowers over the verge of the Downs Link south of  the Cement Works.

14 June 2021
The first of the year Meadow Brown Butterflies fluttered in the sunshine amongst the long grasses and Oxeye Daisies on the bank between  the River Adur towpath and Shoreham Airport.

8 June 2021
A Buzzard soared over a sunny (19°C) Mill Hill in the early afternoon. Butterflies were lively and frequent: Common Blues, Dingy Skippers, Small Heath Butterflies, Brimstones and Silver Y Moths over the lower slopes, A pair of Speckled Woods sparred in the copse at the top of Chanctonbury Drive. A Holly Blue fluttered by the hedge by the southern car park to Mill Hill.

31 May 2021
Butterflies fluttered over the sun drenched (21°C) lower slopes of Mill Hill: 30+ male Common Blues, 4+ male Adonis Blues, frequent Dingy Skippers and Grizzled Skippers, my first Brown Argus and Cinnabar Moth of the year, frequent Brimstones, a few Small Heath Butterflies and a probable Wall Brown. By the flowering Hawthorn-lined road there was a Holly Blue. Other butterflies seen in north Shoreham were Large Whites, Small Whites, a Red Admiral and two Speckled Woods.
Thirteen butterfly species and one macro-moth

27 May 2021

The sun shined in the afternoon for the first time in over a week, I was able to confirm my first male Adonis Blue Butterfly of the year with frequent Brimstones but not many other butterflies on the lower slopes of Mill Hill. Ten species were seen in the afternoon.

19 May 2021
Swathes of Horseshoe Vetch, Hippocrepis comosa, covered the lower slopes of Mill Hill on a cloudy afternoon inimical for watching butterflies.

In an hour I spotted to my first of the year Small Heath Butterfly and a few first of the year Dingy Skippers, at least three male Common Blues, a Brimstone Butterfly, a few Large Whites and Red Admirals. At the top of Chanctonbury Drive, the flutter of blue was a Holly Blue. (I was surprised not to see an Adonis Blue.)
Seven species

18 May 2021
Another cloudy day, but I spotted a definite pair of Green-veined Whites over the Downs Link between Old Shoreham and the Cement Works as well as a Brimstone Butterfly and a few Red Admirals.

17 May 2021
Despite a cloudy day with spots of rain, I spotted my first of the year Holly Blue Butterfly and first male Orange-tip Butterfly in Old Shoreham.

12 May 2021
Five o'clock in the afternoon is a bit late in the day for seeing active butterflies on the lower slopes of Mill Hill as most of them will have gone to roost. I did manage to spot my first male Adonis Blue (not confirmed -subsequently thought to be a Common Blue) , and my first of the year Small Copper visiting the abundant Horseshoe Vetch, Hippocrepis comosa. A flock of up to a dozen corvids, mostly Jackdaws. were persistently feeding on something amongst the short vegetation on the steeper slopes. A Peacock Butterfly flew down and I disturbed a handful of Grizzled Skippers.

7 May 2021
Tripping over butterflies at Mill Hill today with a grand total of 14 species recorded. Dozens of Dingy Skipper & Grizzled Skipper, Green-veined White, Small White, Brimstone and a singleton Orange-tip doing the rounds. Wall are coming along nicely with at least half a dozen bobbing around, a female already ovipositing. A handful of Small Copper seeing off all-comers which included my first Common Blue of the year, around 6 males seen. Green Hairstreak also doing well, regularly getting stuck in with the multi species aerial brawls, again about half a dozen active. The afternoon brought out 4 or 5 fresh looking Peacock and there were good numbers of fresh immigrant Red Admirals, a female was seen egg laying (from the state of some they must have come via Jersey!). A single Comma made a very brief appearance (unable to tell if it were an early hutchinsoni or a late hibernator). The day started off with a rare Sussex sight of a female Small Tortoiseshell avidly investigating some nettle on the edge of the horse paddocks on the south side of the Shoreham Bypass.

Report by Paul Atkin on Sussex Butterflies

I only managed to spot eleven species of butterfly, the last seven on the lower slopes of Mill Hill: Red Admiral, Speckled Wood, Small White, Large White, Green-veined White, Brimstone, Wall Brown, Peacock, Grizzled Skipper, Dingy Skipper, Common Blue. I also noted a few pyralid moths Pyrausta nigrata. Blackthorn had ceased to flower.
Mill Hill Nature Reserve on facebook

22 April 2021
A few Peacock Butterflies visited the battered and frequent Sweet Violets and Dog Violets scattered thinly over the lower slopes of Mill Hill. A bright yellow Brimstone Butterfly fluttered by the Holly Tree.

17 April 2021
A Small White Butterfly flew down Corbyn Crescent in Shoreham in the sunshine.

15 April 2021

Red Admiral
at the top of Chanctonbury Drive, north Shoreham

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Notes:At the current rate of decline, Chalkhill Blue Butterflies would disappear from Mill Hill in about 20 years

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TBI: To be identified


ABUNDANT 1000- 10,000
VERY COMMON = 500-1000
COMMON 100-500
FREQUENT 10 - 50
RARE = ONLY 1  or

Scarce 4-10 per year
Very Scarce 1-3 per year
Rare   less one than every year
Very Rare   1-3 records in total since 2000

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Fine: good condition
Tattered;  Torn and battered

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