Wild Carrot


August 2014

Seeds before Maturation

Wild Carrot Museum

The larva of the midge Kiefferia pericarpiicola causes a striking gall to form primarily in the flowerheads of the host plant which is usually Wild Carrot. The galls occur in clusters. Each gall starts off greenish-yellow and eventually turns bright purplish-red to brown; it is up to 5 mm in diameter and contains a single orange larva of the midge. The gall is seen more often than the adult midge.

12 July 2012


Wild Carrot

26 June 2012

Wild Carrot

8 July 2005

A small spider on Wild Carrot

A small crab spider Misumena vatia
 on Wild Carrot

Hoverfly on Wild Carrot
Detail of the red flower
Detail of the red flower
Chrysotoxum bicinctum
ID by Stuart Dunlop (Donegal)
>Stuart Dunlop (Donegal)