British Coelenterate Society

1999 Meeting

We plan to hold a meeting of the British Coelenterate Society at the Dove Marine Laboratory during the Weekend of the 20/21 March.

This will be an informal meeting with short talks and posters covering any aspect of coelenterate biology. The emphasis of the meeting will be on work in progress or recent work. Postgraduates are particularly encouraged to participate. Two sessions will be held, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. This will enable people to travel on the Saturday morning.  There are good low tides on the Saturday at 11.15am and people are welcome to arrive on the Friday if they wish to collect specimens. Seawater facilities will be available. Accommodation will be in student halls or local B&Bs depending on numbers.

We aim to keep costs as low as possible and there will be no charge for attending the meeting. You will only have to pay for your own accommodation and transport. If you require help with transport please get in touch as lifts can be arranged.

To receive a booking form please register your interest in the meeting, preferably by e-mail, and by Friday 26th February with:

Dr Jeremy Thomason
Department of Marine Sciences & Coastal Management
University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne & Wear

T:  0191 222 8946
F:   0191 222 7891

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