Reports received of Marine Creatures sighted, stranded or landed during 1990
A list compiled by Raymond Dennis

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12/1/90 A Sturgeon, 8 ft long, weight 174 lb was landed at Newlyn market. Caught by skipper John Wright on MFV Evert Marjte, a Jersey beam trawler working out of Plymouth sold for £480 to Newlyn fish merchant J.H.Turner, later went to Manchester wholesaler.  ( Price was low. A similar Sturgeon sold a few years ago for £2000 )
18/1/90 (From Western News)  A Plymouth angler caught a Cod of 35½ lb from the shore in North Devon.
9/2/90 A male Sperm Whale 47 ft long  (11'3" across tail flukes) was stranded dead at Long Rock . There were 36 teeth in lower jaw. It was eventually torn apart by J.C.B. loaded onto trucks and taken away for burial elsewhere.
17/3/90 2 Killer Whales were seen feeding off St.Clements Island from Mousehole.
5/4/90 Between 10a.m. & 11a.m. 50+ dolphins swimming around a divers boat. (Exeter B.S.A.C.) Sizes from 6 to 4 ft (one observer said swimming in pairs) Described as:- dark or black back, whitish underneath, grey pattern on sides with long beak. They were seen about 1 mile S.E. of the Runnelstone SW370201. A smaller pod of similar dolphins were seen 2hrs later near Penberth SW403226. These were probably Common Dolphins.
10/4/90 Fishermen at St.Ives are irate. Nets are coming up full of Jellyfish  (Rhizostoma pulmo) and Octopus during early April.
3/5/90 A Basking Shark about 10ft long was seen approximately 1½ miles SSW of St. Michael's Mount A dolphins was seen in the area a few days before.
6/5/90 10 to 12 dolphins were seen near the Runnelstone SW370201 at 1600. Olive colour on back whitish  underneath. Most about 6ft long. From photos taken, identified as Common Dolphins.
26/5/90 Two adult Pomeraine Skuas  (Light Phase) were seen flying around Newlyn Beam Trawler MFV Filadelfia PZ542 , position 48º 15'N  07º 00'W
28/5/90 One dolphin, not identified, seen half way to Isles of Scilly .
9/6/90 Two small whales seen, species not identified, from MFV Filadelfia PZ542 Position  48º 00'N   07º 00'W.
26/6/90 A Leatherback Turtle seen from MFV ABS  (Antony B. Stevenson)  PZ203 was 2 Metres long over carapace. Position   48º 58' N   06º 07' W
June  Throughout month, schools of Porpoises have been seen 12 to 20 miles of south coast of Ireland from MFV Dierdrie Mariored WD110. Numbers in pods varied from 12 to 50.
3/7/90 A pod of 12 to 15 Risso's Dolphins were seen near Low Lee Reef, Mounts Bay, SW481273.  Large ones were leaping and back flopping. Some were almost totally white.
6/7/90 2 Dolphins were seen skirting Mounts Bay from a dive boat anchored at Low Lee SW481273. They were moving rapidly close to shore from Penzance to Mousehole.  Not positively identified but thought to be Risso's.  (See entry July 15th)
15/7/90 2 Dolphins seen off  Porthminster St. Ives. Moving rapidly as a pair. Light Grey in colour, high pointed dorsal, one damaged. Thought to be Risso's. (May be same pair seen Mounts Bay July 6th.)
15/7/90 12 to 15 Porpoises were alongside MFV Algrie PZ199 Position 48º 30N
07º 30'W.  (Shamrock Knoll)
17/7/90 A 3ft long Sunfish lying on its side at the surface at Low Lee SW481273 turned over from time to time.
19/7/90 A pod of 20 to 30 Porpoises were alongside MFV  Liza Jaqueline Stevenson PZ 476   25 miles SSE of the Lizard.
22/7/90 A school of over 100 Porpoises were seen from MFV Liza Jaqueline  Stevenson Pz476 in position   49º 40'N    05º 00'W.
23/7/90 4 Pilot Whales were seen near Porthminster Point St. Ives Sizes 12 to 15ft.
29/7/90 12 Common Dolphins were seen from MFV Liza Jaqueline Stevenson Pz476 at 4p.m. in position 48º 26'N  06º 19'W.  ( See Lat. & Long. Pz542  6/8/90)
31/7/90 2 dolphins were seen together just south of the Runnelstone SW369200. One believed to be Bottlenose the other Risso's. Bottlenose about 6 - 8ft , and the Risso's 8 to 10ft.
31/7/90 A 15 to 20ft Pilot Whale was seen mid way between Wolf Rock and Scillies. Two more were seen at a distance nearer to the Isles of Scilly , also a 3ft long Turtle seen between Wolf and Isles of Scilly .
July Late in month. 3 unidentified dolphins were seen near the Gear Pole, Mounts Bay. SW479293.
August First Week of month. A seahorse caught off St. Clements Island Mousehole was taken to Harveys Fish Tanks but the building was closed so the seahorse was released into Newlyn Harbour.
3/8/90 2 Sunfish seen swimming together with dorsal fins out of the water, separated when the boat came close. Also seen when travelling from the Isles of Scilly to Penzance from the Runnelstone SW369200 and even into Mounts Bay were many clusters of Buoy-Making Barnacles  (Dosima fascicularis)
6/8/90 6 Common Dolphins were seen from MFV Filadelfia Pz542 at 4 a.m. position  48º 30'N  06º 30'W. and 12 Common Dolphins were seen from the same boat at 11 p.m. in the same position.
7/8/90 12 Common Dolphins were seen from MFV Filadelfia Pz542 at 1 p.m. in position 48º 30'  06º 30'W
7/8/90 Two Whales of over 40ft were sighted from MFV ABS (Antony B. Stevenson) PZ203 at 4 p.m. in position   49º 50' N   06º 47'W.
8/8/90 A pod of about 20 unidentified dolphins were seen at a range of 1 to 2 miles from MFV Filadelfia Pz542 at 8. position 48º 43'N  06º 47'W.
9/8/90 A pod of about 40 Common Dolphins were around MFV Filadelfia Pz542 all day in position 48º 53'N  06º 14'W.  Also seen were 15 or 16 Sunfish Mola mola  and 4 or 5 Blue Sharks Prionace glauca
12/8/90 A Killer Whale, Orcinus orca , was caught by its fin in a net in Mounts Bay and was drowned, fell out of the net as it was being brought aboard a fishing vessel. It was approximately 12 ft long.
15/8/00 4 Whales were seen at a range of about 80 to 100 yds. From  Brixham Trawler  Carhelmar BM23. Two adults and two juvenile. The adults were about 20ft long. Described as Black topside ,White underside  with narrow snout almost crocodile like, possibly Sowerbys Whales Mesoplodon  bidens .in position 48º 20'N  06º 38'W.
17/8/90 A Trigger Fish ,Balistes capriscus, found in a loose and abandoned crab pot off Roskilly Beach SW472272 by Penzance B.S.A.C. divers at a depth of 14M was brought ashore and taken to Penzance Aquarium.
19/8/90  A Sunfish,  Mola mola, seen off Low Lee SW481272 Mounts Bay was approximately 3ft across.
21/8/90 2 dolphins seen too far off for identification from MFV Filadelfia Pz542 at    6 p.m. were in position 48º 40'  06º 10'
22/8/90 A pod of between 6 and 12 dolphins were around MFV Filadelfia Pz542 all day. A bit far off for identification but thought to be Commons. Position 48º 40'N  06º 10'W.  Three Sunfish, Mola mola, were seen in the same position and there were other reports on ships radio of Sunfish seen widespread.
2/9/90 A Sunfish 2'6" to 3' long seen off Tater du SW440230 at 11 a.m. was flat on the surface when first seen but dived slowly when approached and then jumped clear of the water several times landing each time with a big splash. This behaviour has been seen once before by the observer Bill Bowen.
12/9/90 Three Killer Whales,  Orcinus orca , were seen 4 to 5 miles off The Longships Light SW320253 heading westward
24/9/90 4 Ocean Sunfish Mola mola were seen together on the surface approximately 30 miles NW of the Isles of Scilly . They were all about 3ft tip to tip of Dorsal and Anal fins.
27/9/90 3 Ocean Sunfish Mola mola were seen together on the surface near the Runnelstone SW369200 at noon. All about 4ft across.
September Throughout the month. Report from MFV Filadelfia Pz542. Seeing numerous Common Dolphins almost every day all over southern area   005º  to 007º W   and 48º 30'N  to 50º 00'N
12/10/90 A 6ft Leatherback Turtle which had been caught up in a Fishermans Pot Gear 3 miles off Mullion for a week or more was released by divers from Penzance British Sub-Aqua Club in response to a request from the C.T.N.C.
16/10/90 A Carcass of a Common Dolphin was found on the beach at Newlyn.
17/10/90 4 Risso's Dolphins were observed from Cape Cornwall SW3431 from 1005 to 1040hrs heading north in pairs. Also two larger unidentified whales further out.
5/11/90 A 100 or more dolphins were seen off St. Clements Island Mousehole SW474261. These were observed from the mainland and also confirmed by the skipper of MV. Scillonian III
5/11/90 At least two and possibly as many as five dolphin fins were seen to break water 2 miles off the Cape Cornwall hut at 1020hrs.
12/11/90 MFV Filadelfia Pz542 reported sightings of Common Dolphins from 2 miles south of Newlyn to 40 miles south of Newlyn  between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.. Dozens of dolphins were playing in the bow wave of vessel and racing alongside.
13/11/90 MFV Filadelfia Pz542 reported Common Dolphins around all day in groups of 4 to 8, sightings practically all day in position 05º 40'W to 06º 20'W and 40 to 50 miles south of Newlyn.
14/11/90 MFV Filadelfia Pz542     05º 40'W to 06º 20'W,    45 to 60 miles south of Newlyn
15/11/90 MFV Filadelfia Pz542    05º 40'W to 06º 20'W     80 to 85 miles south of  Newlyn.
 Past two days there seem to be a spread of Common Dolphins all over this area. Every time we haul there are invariably sightings alongside boat, no difference day or night, dolphins are easily seen by lights of boat. Mixed sizes. At 7.30 a.m. on Nov 15th a juvenile was seen no more than 3 to 4ft long at 49º 00'  06º 30'W also at 1030hrs a Leatherback Turtle 5 ft long in position 48º 54'N 06º 43'W.
21/11/90 3 Common Dolphins 4ft long were seen from MFV Filadelfia Pz542 at 4 p.m. 115 miles WSW of Newlyn  48º 30'N 07º 20'W.
27/11/90 4 Common Dolphins were seen from MFV Filadelfia Pz542 in the afternoon 15 to 20 miles south of Falmouth.
28/11/90 2 Adult Common Dolphins were seen from MFV Filadelfia Pz542 in the morning and afternoon 15 to 20 miles south of Falmouth.
Late November   Large numbers of Common Dolphins seen off Falmouth from other boats.
2/12/90  7 or 8 Common Dolphins, 50% juvenile, were seen from MFV Filadelfia Pz542  at 11.30a.m. 70 miles SSW of Newlyn. 49º 00'N  06º 30'W.
6/12/90  2 Common Dolphins were bow riding MFV Filadelfia Pz542 at 9.30p.m.
20 miles SW of Newlyn.
Ray Dennis

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