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December 2010

Mill Hill
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Reports by Andy Horton from personal observation unless otherwise indicated
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Lower slopes of Mill Hill from the north
Mill Hill, lower slopes, from the south

Mill Hill

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Urban Reports


4 December 2010
At 9:00 am all the snow had melted and it was raining slightly with the 10 mph Breeze (Force 3) from the WSW and an air temperature of 7.3 °C.
Shoreham Weather 2010

3 December 2010
At 7:00 pm the air temperature had fallen further to minus 9.7 °C, the lowest temperature recorded since February 1983 (my unofficial records)

At 5:00 pm the air temperature had fallen further to minus 8.4°C, the lowest temperature recorded this millennium by 1.1°C.The wind speed from the north was only 2 mph. The highest temperature recorded during the day (lowest maximum) was minus 4.4°C. There was no snow for the whole of the day. 
At 7:00 am the air temperature fell to an over night low of minus 6.7 °C, the second lowest temperature recorded this millennium. The Light Breeze (Force 2) blew from the north. 
Shoreham Weather 2010
Met Office: Shoreham
Previous Lowest Temperature this Millennium

2 December 2010
Snow fell over night in a Gentle Breeze (Force 3) that blew in from the NNE at 8 mph. 

Mill Hill from the south
On the west-facing slopes of Mill Hill the snow depth was measured at 190 mm and in areas exposed to the north-easterlies the average depth could reach 230 mm. The pavement depth of snow was measured at 155 mm at 10.00 am. The air temperature at 8:00 am was minus 3.8 °C.

1 December 2010
A light shower of snow fell in the morning. Then air temperature at 10:00 am was minus 1.4 °C. The pavement depth of snow was measured at 30 mm at 1:30 pm. More snow fell in the late evening before midnight. The pavement depth of snow was measured at 110 mm at 11:30 pm. At midnight the air temperature fell to minus 3.5 °C. 
Shoreham Weather 2010
Met Office: Shoreham


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