Invertebrates on Elm

10 May 2005
A pristine Red Admiral Butterfly chasing a settled Orange-tip Butterfly off a Cow Parsley plant was an interaction I had not seen before, in the avenue of Elms in the centre of New Monks Farm. By necessity the visit had to be a fleeting passing one with a one to three Holly Blues seen, a handful of good condition Speckled Wood Butterflies, some definite Large Whites, and about ten other white butterflies, but a Green-veined White was not confirmed.
Adur Butterfly List 2005
There were at least five of the kleptoparastic (cuckoo) bees Nomada fucata in two minutes but only one of its victim the mining bee Andrena flavipes seen amongst the Elm leaves. There were a few hoverflies and handful of bumblebees.

New Monks Farm Central Corridor

The first identification guide I use for insects is the "Collins Guide to Insects" by Michael Chinery. There are just too many insects for the guide to be comprehensive.

I looked first in the Greenbottles, Blow-Flies and House Flies without making exact matches. They looked similar but not exactly like the "pest" flies of houses and gardens. The path contained horse manure.

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