Famous People connected  
 with Shoreham 

Jim Hensen created the Muppets (Muppet Show) and all the puppets for Sesame Street.
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Jim Hensen spent some time in Shoreham in the last year of his life. He then flew to New York where he died.
(from Jason Sutherland-Rowe)

Hubert Scott-Paine, (the boss of R. J. Mitchell at Supermarine, who designed the Spitfire), was born on
11 March 1890 in Shoreham and had a yacht in Stowe's Yard, before moving to Southampton.

1772-75, 1776-80
(Captain) Henry Roberts (from Shoreham) sailed with Captain Cook on HMS Resolution, and witnessed the death of Captain Cook, killed by natives in Hawaii in 1779.

Captain Henry Roberts (from Shoreham) was promoted to Captain and whilst in command of HMS Undaunted in the West Indies, he caught yellow fever and died in 1796.

History of Shoreham

Charles Gogin, Artist  stayed in the town for a while at the end of the 19th century.

 Peter Ward, voted Brighton & Hove Albion's best player (i.e. the most popular) in the 1998 poll, lived in Shoreham whilst he was with the club in the late 1970's.
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Bungalow Town

From the beginning of the century the beach area was a theatre and film colony with people living in redundant railway carriages. The carriage had their wheels and bogies removed and were fixed to a concrete raft over the shingle. Film Studios were constructed and from about 1913 many films, including the first production of 'Little Dorrit', were made on Shoreham Beach. The film industry collapsed but many of the people involved remained in Shoreham and opened shops. All cinemas in Shoreham and the Adur District are now closed.

In the early 1920's the Prospect Film Company issued the following prospectus:


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