Goldstone Bottom, East Sussex

Gorsedd is said to the original name of the place that by the Middle Ages became to be known as the Goldstone Bottom. It seems to have an important junction of ancient roads leading to Shoreham to London and to Brighthelmstone (Brighton) and West Blatchington from Roman (when the places were known by different names) times and before.  It was made famous by a huge boulder "the Goldstone" that was originally situated in what became the north-west corner of the Goldstone Football ground (1901 - 1997). The boulder was removed and buried underground and almost forgotten. However, in 1906, the boulder was dug up again and put in Hove Park to the north. The Goldstone is now a retail park, in the town of Hove. The town of Brighton had expanded westwards with the construction of an area known as Cliftonville (or West Brighton), which later became incorporated into Hove when the seaside village of Hove expanded into a town.

Goldstone Mail Robbery
Goldstone Football Ground