Survey Boat (North Sea)
Aggregrate Dredger (Photograph  by Ray Hamblett)
  • Shoreham is the premier Sussex port (the largest port between Dover and Portsmouth) serving a hinterland of over 400 thousand people including the major towns of Brighton, Hove and Worthing.
  • Shoreham Harbour, Sussex,  which was based in the town centre up to the beginning of the 20th century is now mostly to the east of the Shoreham-by-Sea town boundary. The entrance is opposite the Lighthouse on the south coast A259 road and marks the approach to Shoreham from the east.

Lifeboat and the Entrance to the Port of Shoreham (Photograph by Ray Hamblett)

    Trade fell during the 1970's and port is not working to its full capacity (i.e. there is still scope for further business). Because the small cargo ships that visit the port cannot go out at all states of the tide (a 6 hour window each tide, twice a day*), the trade in the latter half of the 20th century is further afield to Baltic and Mediterranean ports, and the port is unable to compete with nearby Newhaven for the regular cross-channel passenger trade. Fishing has increased in the 1990's.

    The roads in the immediate vicinity of the port are congested, but the short distance to the main A27 route running east-west connection with the motorway network and the A23 to London (55 miles, 89 km) means that Shoreham compares favourably with other south coast ports. The railway link to Kingston Wharf  was removed in 1968 to improve the local road (A259) system. Port traffic comprises only 2½ % of the vehicles on the north-south arterial routes from the port to the A27 by-pass.

    (* locks to the canal section of the harbour open for this time) 

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    New Power Station
    opened in the summer of 2000

    River Adur

Old Lifeboat Station

New Lifeboat Station 2010

Pilot Boat  (Photograph by Ray Hamblett)

Shoreham Port Authority
Harbour Office 
84/86 Albion Street 
West Sussex    BN42 4ED 
Tel:   01273 598100 
Fax:   01273 592492 

or, Cllr Neil Parkin (Con) is Adur District Council's nominee for the Shoreham Port Authority Board. 

Official Port of Shoreham site (Link)

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 Date  Ship  From  Cargo  To
 26 August  Marja  Pasajes  Grain (L)  Seville
 27 August  Celtic Navigator  Malaga  Marble (D)  Dover
 27 August  Bratislava  Tyne  Timber (D)  -
 27 August  Alvina M  Riga  Timber (D)  Roelledge
 29 August  Ortac  Treguier  General (L)  St. Samson
 30 August  Egret  Nijmegen  Lytag (D)  Rotterdam
 31 August  Harmar  Kalmar  Timber (D)  -
  1 September  Majam  Kalmar  Timber (D)  Ardesleth
  2 September  Mersey Fisher  Pembroke  Oil (D)  Fawley
  2 September  Ladoga 8  Vouski  Timber (D)  Teignmouth
  2 September  K'Toulson  Thames  Oil (D)  Thames
  2 September   Borelly  Ternuezen  Lytag (D)  Amsterdam
  3 September  Aletis  Bantry Bay  Stone (D)  Dordrect
  5 September  Ara  Chatham  Timber (D)  Udevalla
  5 September  Averity  Immingham  Oil (D)  Fawley
  6 September  Linaco  Lisbon   Grain (L)  -
  7 September  Unika  Vastervik  Timber (D)  Erita

A Record of the shipping movements used to appear in the Shoreham Herald every week. This brief entry is designed to give the reader a general guide to the shipping activities of the Port of Shoreham. The Baltic timber imports decrease during the winter spell when the Baltic freezes over.

The largest vessels can be handled in the timber-handling Outer Layby to 120 metres long and a beam of 20 metres drawing 6.6 metres on the highest spring tides, to 5.5 metres on the neaps. The 2,000 metre canal section of the port can handle vessels up to a length of 105.9 metres and beam of 16.4 metres. The River Adur wing of the harbour can cater for smaller vessels up to a length of 82.3 metres and width of 14.3 metres, with a draught of up to 5.5 metres.

  Ashford (Kent) Bristol (Avon) Brixton (London) Nottingham Oxford
Shoreham 104 196 81 242 139
Newhaven 91 210 92 253 150
Dover 34 241 106 257 181
Portsmouth 152 142 110 237 107
Poole 199 105 155 252 126


Athina B
Moon Jellyfish

Open day at Shoreham Port   Sunday  9 July 2000

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