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Leopard-spotted Goby
Common Name(s): Leopard-spotted Goby 
Scientific Name: Thorogobius ephippiatus
Family: Gobiidae 

Usual Size:  13 cm 
> 39 g 

 Photograph by Ron Barrett

Medium-sized goby (a family of small fishes with a notorious reputation of being difficult to differentiate, characterised by a pair of dorsal fins, a pelvic fin fused into a weak suction cup). This is the most striking of the British species as the orange blotches are conspicuous in contrast to the coloration of the other species which is usually cryptic to match a background of rock or sand. 
Usually with a blue tinge to the body. 

Late spring around the British coasts. 
It spawns in late spring. It appears to have a short life span, dying after spawning, but further observations are necessary to be sure of this. 

In rocky areas below low water mark and only rarely found intertidally in the proximity of deep water. Widespread. 

Small crustaceans like caprellids, worms. 

Off the coasts to the south and west of Britain only. Western English Channel only. 

Additional Notes:
Only recognised as a common British fish after the popularity of SCUBA diving. Not nearly as prevalent as most other British gobies. 
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Differences between Blennies & Gobies
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