MILL HILL EXTRA IMAGES                                               July 2010

July 2010
Meadows on the upper part of Mill Hill
Dominant plants:  Greater Knapweed, Field Scabious, Lady's Bedstraw, Cleavers
11 July 2010
Round-headed Rampion was seen in flower for the first time this year with at least a dozen plants seen, but there would be many more on the short sward top slopes.

Extensive new growths of Privet on the lower slopes
Round-headed Rampion
Musk Thistle
Stemless Thistle
Musk Thistle (which had diminished above the ridge since the introduction of the Cattle) was still seen in large clumps below the ridge (on the top of the lower slopes) especially next to the Rabbit warren. Stemless Thistle was now very frequently seen in flower and in places the ground was quite prickly.
5 July 2010

Musk Thistle
Yellow Wort
Wild Thyme
Carline Thistle


Squinancywort was very common on both the lower slopes and middle slopes. Dropwort could still be seen in flower on the exposed upper slopes. On the upper slopes the green shoots of Carline Thistle had appeared. The distinctive fly Panorpa (image) could be seen in the sunnier areas of the scrub. Yellow Wort was now commonly seen in flower.
Adur Thistles

Lesser Centaury
Wild Basil
St. John's Wort

Agrimony on Mill Hill is usually a single spike with hardly any leaves at all, especially on the infertile lower slopes. The clump in the photograph above was on the deeper soil on the ridge by the Reservoir. The diminutive Wild Basil in the photograph above is before the small purple flowers appear.

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