MYSIDS:  Some British Species

Neomysis integar
Length up to 17 mm.
Habitat: in shallow waters of reduced salinity.
Distribution: Atlantic, English Channel, North Sea, Baltic.
Anchialina agilis
Length up to 9 mm.
Habitat: sea bed from shallow water to 60 metres, migrating to the surface for a short period at night.
Distribution: Mediterranean, Atlantic, English Channel, southern North Sea.
Leptomysis gracilis
Length up to 13 mm.
Habitat: lower shore and shallow water, planktonic at certain times of the year.
Distribution: Mediterranean, Atlantic, English Channel, North Sea.
Paramysis helleri
Length up to 11 mm.
Habitat: shallow coastal waters and estuaries.
Distribution: Mediterranean, Atlantic, English Channel.
Leptomysis mediterranea
Length up to 10 mm.
Habitat: Lower shore to 100 metres, sometimes very numerous.
Distribution: Mediterranean, Atlantic, English Channel, North Sea north to Scotland.
Praunus flexuosus
Length up to 20 mm.
Habitat: Lower shore in pools and in shallow water, especially Zostera beds over sandy substrates.
Distribution: Atlantic north of Biscay, English Channel, North Sea, Baltic. 

British Species List:

Mysidopsis angusta
Gastrosaccus spinifer
Anchialina agilis
Gastrosaccus sanctus
Gastrosaccus lobatus
Gastrosaccus normani
Hemimysis lamornae
Praunus inermis
Praunus neglectus
Praunus flexuosus    Chameleon Shrimp
Schistomysis spiritus   Ghost Shrimp
Schistomysis parkeri
Schistomysis ornata
Schistomysis kervillei
Paramysis nouveli
Paramysis arenosa
Mesopodopsis slabberi
Neomysis integer
Erythrops elegans
Siriella armata
Siriella  clausii
Siriella  jaitensis
Siriella  norvegica
Mysidopsis gibbosa
Acanthomysis longicornis
Leptomysis gracillis
Leptomysis  mediterranea
Leptomysis  lingvura

Taxonomy of Crustacea (position of Mysidacea)

Unidentified Mysid shrimp. Photographed at Tjärnö Aquarium by Mike Noren.

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