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November 2011


Reports by Andy Horton from personal observation unless otherwise indicated
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Adur Coastal & Marine
Adur Estuary & Levels
Mill Hill & the Downs
Urban Reports

4 November 2011
The "Natural History of Mill Hill"
Illustrated Talk by Andy Horton
Shoreham Horticultural & Allotment Society
St. Peter's Church Hall (entrance in West Street)
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Local Speakers (Adur)


27 November 2011
Two Snow Buntings were spotted on the beach at Widewater in the morning. The strong wind made it difficult to keep my big lens steady but I managed to get a few images (photo). There were Little Grebes on the lagoon along with a single Teal

25 November 2011
I was delighted to see an Adder slither off at the western end of the lower slope of Mill Hill around noon. It had been sunning itself in exactly the same place where I saw one in September 2010. The spot gets the late Autumn sun and is next to scrub for cover.

15 November 2011
A Buzzard soared in circles over Buckingham Barn, north of Shoreham, and then disappeared off to the north-east. A Kestrel dived into a Hawthorn on Mill Hill and disturbed some small birds, but flew off with empty talons. In the early afternoon, a Red Admiral Butterfly fluttered north to south over the lower slopes of Mill Hill.
Adur Butterfly & Moth List 2011

9 November 2011
A White-beaked Dolphin, Lagenorhyncus albirostris, was observed by surveyors bow-riding their vessel about 15 miles south of Worthing. We had a small group of White-beaked Dolphins sighted some miles off shore between Eastbourne and Dieppe back in April this year. This species often bow-rides so it is interesting that both local sightings of these dolphins were bowriding. This species is not normally recorded in the English Channel.

BMLSS Cetaceans
Whales & Dolphins in British Seas

5 November 2011
I was surprised to see a Kingfisher arrow its flight north to south across the River Adur on a lowish tide (the mud flats were showing) by the the Riverside Business Centre (east of the Surry Boatyard). It quickly disappeared behind the boats moored against the pontoons on the south side of the estuary around midday

1 November 2011
The work of the conservation workers on Mill Hill is appreciated as they were burning cut Privet at the foot of the lower slopes. I am still dismayed that there is no consultation with the public as amongst all the scrubby thorn bushes a pair of attractive Hawthorns have been felled, ones that looked particularly good in their spring May blossom. 

An emerald green Southern Hawker (dragonfly) hawked along the western end of Nicolson Drive in residential Shoreham. 


November 2010

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