22 March 2020

False Oxlip
Downs Link Cyclepath
South of the Cement Works

17 March 2020

False Oxlip, Primrose*, Cowslips
Downs Link Cyclepath
Erringham Gap to the Cement Works
(*Lancing College Road verge)

14 March 2020


My allowed cycle exercise took me a trip up the Downs Link only as far as just south of the disused Cement Works (before the path narrows). The idea was to see the plentiful display of Cowslips that adorned the verges.

2 March 2020

Primula, perhaps a cultivated Primrose hybrid/variety
Lancing College Road verge

25 March 2019

False Oxlip
(Picture from 8 April 2019)

A Common Bee-fly visited the first few Cowslips on the the verges of the Downs Link Cyclepath south of the Cement Works. False Oxlip was also present in one clump.



Cowslips on the verge of the cyclepath