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Late AS salterns

Subject: Late AS salterns
From: John Mills (
Date: 2 Feb 2000 - 10:13 GMT

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Re Dawn Stewart's query, relayed by you to Britarch:

In Holden & Hudson's 1981 article on Salt-making in the Adur valley, Sussex,
(Sussex Archaeological Collections 119,p.117-148), see p. 123 on The
period. Also, at New Monks Farm, Lancing, an excavation by Con Ainsworth c
of a ploughed-out saltern mound, one of a large group, found Saxo-Norman
but also "one rim and a joining body sherd....of Portchester Ware, dating to
tenth century.A scale-like deposit found on one sherd was analysed by D
Shelverton and found to contain substances demonstrating that the pottery
had been used for boiling concentrated brine." (p130).

Hope this helps!

John Mills
Archaeologist, WSCC Planning Dept

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Apologies for not replying sooner but I was outside being archaeological. I
am on the case with this one but cannot give an answer at once. If there
are such things I suspect they will be in Essex of Lincolnshire where most
work has been done. I will ask my colleagues via the net.

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Subject: Anglo-Saxon saltern


Sorry to bother you. Its "ask a librarian day" in the ISU today, (whoopeee)
and I have been pondering over this enquiry for quite some time. Are you
able to shed any light on this?

Q. Is there any record of a late Anglo-Saxon saltern being possitively
identified, in the U.K?.

Any help will be greatly apprecieate

Many thanks


P.s When it says "possitively" I assume it means positively!.

Dawn Stewart
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East Sussex County Council
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Subject: [adur] Anglo-Saxon Salterns

Looking for info about Salterns I found this page on Hantsweb

can you suggest some questions the Great Salterns Preservation Society might
be able to answer ?