What did the Saxons eat? 
Hamwic revealed:
702 individual mammal bone and 101 birds.
Sheep/goats:  37.7%
Cattle:  30%
Pigs:  27.4%
Other bones of 13 (domestic cats), five Red Deer, two Roe Deer, five horses, four dogs, five rodents. (Wood Mouse and Field Vole)
Most of the birds wre chicken and goose, rather than wild birds.
Absent: Black Rat, Rabbit, Fallow Deer (this one could have changed?).
Generally, the same emphasis on domestic animals was found from the Iron Age to the end of the Saxon period (and probably to the 20th century as well).
Individually, wild animals made up less than 0.1% individually and less than 1% collectively throughout the whole period,  from archaeological excavations.
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