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September 2017

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28 September 2017

Small Copper on Hawkweed Ox-tongue

Four Wall Brown Butterflies chased each other and chased a Small Copper off a Common Ragwort  on the lower slopes of Mill Hill. The smaller butterfly eventually settled for a spell on Hawkweed Ox-tongue where I was able to photograph it using my new 105 mm macro lens
Mill Hill Report

27 September 2017

River Adur at Old Shoreham

26 September 2017
It was time of the season (past the middle of autumn) when any fluttering was more likely to be a falling leaf than a butterfly. Sycamore was turning brown and its leaves blown around in the breeze

Meadow Browns were disturbed all over Mill Hill on a hazy humid afternoon. I spotted a Small Copper, a third brood Wall Brown, two flighty Clouded Yellows, and mating Common Blue Butterflies.  Two Red Admirals were on the Ivy, and I spotted ten butterfly species in the afternoon. 
Mill Hill Report
Adur Butterfly List 2017

18 September 2017

Hawkweed Ox-tongue, Clouded Yellow on Ragwort
Mill Hill

Swallows swooped low over the upper plateau of Mill Hill with changeable weather prior to migration. Their forked tails were clear on a mainly cloudy day. When the sun shone through the gaps in the clouds a few butterflies made some brief flights in search of nectar notably a Clouded Yellow flitting from Hawkbit to Ragwort for a second on each. Eight species of butterfly fluttered around in the afternoon.
Mill Hill Report

14 September 2017

Cormorant at Widewater Lagoon
Photograph by David Verrall


1 September 2017
I made a brief sortie to the upper part of Mill Hill as the weather was pleasant and the white fluffy Cumulus clouds on the blue sky made conditions conducive to photography in the middle of the day. There was a Common Lizard and a few plump Slow Worms south of the Reservoir. Butterflies of eight species were very frequently flying around on the top of the hill, including occasional Adonis Blues (8+), more conspicuous than frequent with at least two chocolate brown females in fine condition. 

Small White, Small Heath, Adonis Blue
Peacock, Meadow Browns
Mill Hill

On the middle slopes, Hemp Agrimony was an attractant for at least three Peacock Butterflies, two Red Admirals, a male Common Blue and occasional Meadow Browns. Common Ragwort and other flowers were visited by a big Large White and a handful of Small Whites.
Adur Butterfly Report

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