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Under Sea Wind

Under Sea Wind explores Man's impact on the marine environment. The title originated from Rachel Carson's book 'Under the Sea Wind' and the series of articles for Glaucus explores the effects the activites of man has had on the seas. As the BMLSS is a natural history society, this is not a major theme of our activites and written work, but as man has made such an impact on the world we live in, this aspect cannot be ignored. 

It is not all gloom and doom, as in one notable way by the construction of sea defences and groynes, man's impact has improved the fauna on stretches of sand and shingle beaches. Because of the environmental concerns that first received popular attention as a result of Rachel Carson's book 'Silent Spring', the articles have proved very popular with students, if not with the membership. 

Sewage Disposal at Sea

The articles in the Autumn 1993 issue have proved very popular amongst students. This issue should be available through the Libraries in the UK, and one copy is at Shoreham-by-Sea Library, West Sussex. 

Oil Tanker Disasters

Both the Braer and the Sea Empress oil spills have been explored in a way that tries to get to the truth of the extent of the disasters (even this is an emotive word) without exaggeration. If you require further details of the coverage, please write in with a stamp for a reply, or EMail the BMLSS at the address below. 
One good review of debris impact on any marine critter is:

Laist, D.W. 1997.  Impacts of marine debris: entanglement of marine life in marine debris including a comprehensive list of species with entanglement and ingestion records. In "Marine Debris: Sources, Impacts and Solutions".
(J.M. Coe and D.B. Rogers, eds)  Springer-Verlag, NY.

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The following Society has Fact Sheets on Marine Pollution for sale quite cheaply: 
Marine Conservation Society


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