Adur Trees  2019 et seq


17 May 2021

Stone Pine or Umbrella Tree

30 April 2021

Buckingham Road

  22 April 2021

Blackthorn on Mill Hill

 12 April 2021

Buckingham Parkside

22 March 2021

Annington Brooks

19 March 2021

Blackthorn at Old Shoreham

Pussy Willow = Goat Willow

February 2021

Felling of Ash Trees
Lancing Clump

FOLR Report
Chalara Management Plan


18 May 2020

Ash on the Bramber Levels
50.879563, -0.308264
Ash: wilting leaves turning black

Chalara Ash die-back disease

12 May 2020

Hawthorn, Downs Link (Mill Hill in the background)

Adur Thorn

21 April 2020

Elm by the River Adur

15 April 2020

Withy Dome

Adur Withy Domes

7 April 2020

Bowling Green Chestnuts
Buckingham Park

21 March 2020

Withy Dome
Buckingham Park

18 March 2020

Blackthorn at Cuckoo's Corner

At Cuckoo's Corner, the Blackthorn bush was profusely in flower

11 February 2020
Cherry Plum was not yet flowering near Frampton's Field, Old Shoreham.

7 February 2020

Greenways Crescent triangle, north Shoreham

3 February 2020

Withy Dome
Buckingham Park

30 January 2020

Mistletoe on Maple

A clump of Mistletoe was spotted in the fork of a tree in the Park Avenue Open Space, north Shoreham. This was the first time I have noted this parasitic plant in the wild.
Adur Mistletoe

4 January 2020

Willow  ?


21 August 2019

Rowan, Hawthorn
Vosges Whitebeam, Wayfaring*
(*27 July 2019)

29 May 2019
Elderflower had now taken over from Hawthorn as the dominant flower in the hedgerows.

Dogwood Tree
Steyning Health Centre

Dogwood is rarely allowed to grow into a small tree. Interesting fact: in the sun the twigs are coloured crimson, while those in the shade are lime green.
Woodland Trust Information

19 May 2019

Common Whitebeam

8 May 2019

Holly Tree

Elderflower was beginning to flower as Wayfaring Tree was losing its flowers on the eastern verges of the Downs Link Cyclepath just north of the Tollbridge, where an Holly Tree was seen with its small white flowers. Hawthorn was in splendid blossom.

24 April 2019

Top of Chanctonbury Drive, north Shoreham

23 April 2019

Vosges Whitebeam, Sorbus mougeotii
Buckingham Road, Shoreham

22 April 2019

Buckingham Road, Shoreham

15 April 2019

Cuckoo's Corner

8 April 2019
Blackthorn dominated the white blossom plentiful in the hedgerows and amongst the scrub on the downs. Cherry Plum had virtually finished and so had the early Blackthorn, but Hawthorn was yet to flower in the wild.


5 April 2019


Hawthorn was budding very early at Northbourne, Southlands, north Shoreham. But this was a planted hedge and not truly wild. Holly was still in berry in the same hedge.

Blackthorn flowers appear before the leaves and the Hawthorn leaves appear before the flowers.

1 April 2019

Cherry Plum, green-leaved, brown-leaved
Blackthorn, Hawthorn
Waterworks Road area

Cherry Plum
Green leaves, brown leaves, reflexed sepals
Leaf colour may be different varieties

29 March 2019

English Elm on the west bank of the River Adur by Ricardo

Blackthorn in the shade at at Cuckoo's Corner

Blackthorn was in flower and Hawthorn was in leaf at Cuckoo's Corner on the Coombes Road.

28 March 2019

Cherry Plum

Blackthorn was simultaneously in flower near the Waterworks Road, Old Shoreham.
The sepals are reflexed (like in the Bulbous Buttercup) in Cherry Plum.
Blackthorn and Cherry Plum (differences)

15 February 2019

Silver Birch
Down's Link Cyclepath near the Erringham Gap

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