Swimming Crabs, Two Species
20 March 2008
My captive Vernal Crab, Liocarcinus vernalis, died on the day of the Vernal Equinox after about a year in the aquarium. It was captured as a smaller crab on 16 March 2007. It went through two moults during the year. It fed mostly on frozen prawn, but also on mussel flesh and probably ate some of the Hermit Crabs, Diogenes pugilator.
1st moult:   Carapace length 35 mm, length 38 mm
2nd moult:  Carapace length 44 mm, length 48 mm
Death size: Carapace length 45 mm, length 55 mm
Note the carapace "teeth" 
between the eyes
Liocarcinus vernalis
Image portraying the claws
Liocarcinus arcuatus
No teeth between the eyes
Underside with the view between the eyes and the red marks underneath the claws
Liocarcinus arcuatus


Vernal Crab, Liocarcinus vernalis