The Rapes of Sussex and the Norman Conquest by J F A Mason (Sussex
Archaelogical Collections, Volume 102 1964).

The piece also has many interesting references quoted. The article is 27
pages long - I would have scanned it for you had it been shorter. I'm sure
you know that it's available at Worthing Reference Library.

The fact that the Rape was created perhaps as late as 1073 does not,in my
view, necessarily indicate that William de Braose was "not of the same
outstanding importance as the lords of the other Rapes" (Salzman) If only
William de Braose's parentage could be settled once and for all! I am more
or less convinced that his mother Gunnor was of the d'Ivry family. But who
was his father? I think that if this question could be solved, we would
understand a great deal more about the Rape of Bramber and its early