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      Bob Alexander

Having lived on Portland since a child, all of my recreational activities have always revolved around the sea.

School holidays were spent shore fishing, going to sea and helping out on commercial crabbers, snorkeling and prawning with a dip net.After leaving school I joined the navy and continued my education. Upon leaving the navy I worked in a variety of engineering firms, was lucky to be around at a time when companies paid for further education and university sandwich courses. I finally joined the Education Department of Dorset County Council. Now retired aged 56. 

I have always maintained my interest in all activities relating to the sea, have written articles about bass fishing for the Angling Times, have been involved in a number of boat building projects, converted half of my garage into a temperate marine fish house, interested in the application of new technologies and introducing my three grandchildren to the wonders of the
Contact - EMail:  rockpools@btinternet.com

or at 53 Nightingale Drive, Broadwey, Weymouth, Dorset DT3 5ST.

Lobsters in Captivity

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Bob Alexander has written two important articles on Cuttlefish and Lobsters for Glaucus as well as other contributions. These articles are available to members only and are not included on the web site. 
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