Angling Records


Swedish Angling Record

 Common Name  Scientific Name  Weight (kg)  Nation
 Angler Fish  Lophius piscatorius   57,70  Norway
 Ballan Wrasse  Labrus bergylta  4,35  Iceland 
 Blue Ling  Molva dipterygia  16,05  Norway 
 Jelly Cat  Anarhichas denticulatus   17,00  Greenland 
 Torsk  Brosme brosme   15,15  Norway 
 Greater Weever  Trachinus draco  1,67  Spain - Gran Canari
 Spotted Catfish  Anarhichas minor  23,35  Greenland 
 Catfish (Wolf-fish)  Anarhichas lupus  23,58  USA 
 Conger Eel  Conger conger   60,44  England 
 Sharp-nose Skate  Raja lintea   10,85 Norway 
 Whiting  Merlangius merlangus   3,11  Norway 
 Haddock  Melanogrammus aeglefinus  5,30  USA 
 Porbeagle  Lamna nasus   230,00  Scotland 
 Black-mouthed Dogfish  Galeus melastomus   1,37  Norway 
 Greenland Shark  Sominosus microcephalus  775,00  Norway 
 Starry Ray  Raja radiata  4,25 Norway 
 Wreckfish  Polyprion americanus   0,92  Norway
 Atlantic Halibut  Hippoglossus hippoglossus   161,2  Norway
 Opah  Lampris guttatus   55,33  Mexico 
 Ling  Molva molva   37,20  Norway
 Pollack  Pollachius pollachius   12,43  England
 Atlantic Mackerel  Scomber scombus  1,20  Norway 
 Bluefin Tunny  Thunnus thynnus  679,00  Canada (Nova Scotia)
 Spurdog, Spiny Dogfish  Squalus acanthias   7,14 
 Saithe, Coley, Coalfish  Pollachius virens   22,70  Norway 
 Roundhead Rat-Tail  Coryphaeonides rupestris  1,59  Norway 
 Plaice  Platichtys flesus   1,20  Sweden 
 Skate  Raja batis   97,07  England 
 Cod  Gadus morhua   44,79  USA (New Hampshire)
 Redfish  Sebastes marinus   4.59  USA 
 Wreckfish  Polyprion americanus  46,50  Portugal 

Swedish and International information provided by Frank E. Moen (Norway)
Information of the largest fish from Norway and Iceland was provided by Pål Enger (Norway).

(These records have not been double-checked yet,  23/8/98)

The largest ever fish caught on rod and line in British waters was a Bluefin Tuna, Thunnus thynnus, from a Whitby boat in 1933 that weighed in at 386 kg (851 lb). Other notable fish of a different species included a Sturgeon, Acipenser sturio, at a weight of 317 kg (700 lb) off the Orkney Isles in 1956. This Sturgeon was 3.18 metres long. However, a Sunfish, Mola mola, weighing 363 kg, was washed up on Tayside, Scotland, in 1960. Basking Sharks grow much larger.

The largest Basking Shark recorded in British seas was washed up on Brighton beach, Sussex, in 1806. The weight was estimated at 8 tonnes, if the record is to be believed. Probably more like 3 tonnes AH.

English Shore-caught Specimen Calculator for Anglers (by Richie Moore)   No longer available

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