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Andy Horton spends a year examining the biology and behaviour of the rock pool fish and other marine life.


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References to articles on British marine life in other journals, 1998

  • 20 & 27 December 1998
  • Earth Story:  BBC2 Television
  • Evolution of life on earth  *****
  • 20th:  by far the best in the series of weekly programmes, 27th:  good. 
  • Essential Guide to Rocks
  • December 1998
  • Aquarist & Pondkeeper :  Beginning with Marines
  • Andy Horton's Shore Watch column in the Aquarist & Pondkeeper magazine:
  • Andy Horton's  Christmas Book List 
  • Iggy Tavares:  Rockpooling in Oporto.
  • Spring/Summer 1998
  • Soundings
  • Journal of  The Seawatch Foundation (Cetacean Monitoring Unit)
  • Vol. 4   Issue 1   New 16 page issue (A4 glossy) with photographs and reports.
  • Cetacean Report Numbers Link
  • 29 November 1998
  • Countryside: Mink Menace against seabirds, western Scotland. Excellent Report.
  • Trapping programme to avoid the decimation of the seabird colonies. 
  • November 1998
  • October 1998, first issue of the Environmental Newspaper Northern eco based in the North-east. 
  • Feature: Greatham Creek: an artificial saline lagoon, near Hartlepool.
  • UK CEED Bulletin   Issue 54  Autumn 1998
  • Special Focus:  Marine
  • Andy Horton's Shore Watch column in the Aquarist & Pondkeeper magazine:
  • Ecological Aquarium.
  • 11 October 1998  11.30 am  Countryfile
  • BBC Television:  Sea Eagles
  • by Robert Irving
  • ISBN 0 86147-471-6
  • R. Irving  EMail
  • is now available from:

  • Marine Conservation Society
    £15.00 + £1.25 p&p from MCS in Ross-on-Wye (Tel. 01989 566017 
    for an order form). Cheques made payable to 'Marine Conservation 
    More information

The Biology of Rocky Shores
by Colin Little and J.A.Kitching

Oxford University Press 1996, reprinted 1998.

ISBN 0-19-854935-0

The book is an introduction to the study of marine rocky shores in the temperate zone. It is designed to encourage students and others to couple enormous intellectual rewards with the pleasure of working in some of the last easily accessible but relatively unspoilt places, and can be used as a basis for field courses, project work, or for lectures. 

Every rockpooler will quickly realise that some knowledge of the environmental conditions of the shore are necessary (even if it just means arriving when the tide is low) to get full enjoyment of a visit to the coast. The more often the rockpooler visits the shore to study the creatures in their natural environment (ecology), the more observations he makes and the more questions that are posed. 

This book is an excellent choice to further your knowledge of the shore and to answer some of questions from the novice level to quite advanced biological speculation. 

It is well written and most readers would regard it as a text book, although it is nowhere like the dried up text books of the past, it does not quite convey the magic of the intertidal zone quite like C.M. Yonge’s “The Seashore” first published in 1949. 

Essential reading.

Link to the Contents List on the BMLSS Web Site

Advanced rockpoolers will need a companion identification guide and this book is complimented by

Handbook of the
Marine Fauna of  North-west Europe
Oxford University Press 1995
 ISBN 0-19-854055-8

This is the most comprehensive guide available, but it is illustrated with line drawings.  Even, in this book not all the species are included, although 99% of the seashore creatures are described. 

  • October 1998
  • Famous Faces in Fishkeeping:  Andy Horton 
  • Andy Horton's Shore Watch column in the Aquarist & Pondkeeper magazine:
  • Origins of the names of fishes.
  • September 1998
  • JNCC  Annual Report 97-98
  • Joint Nature Conservation Committee 
  • September 1998
  • National Geographic
  • Greenland Sharks 

  • Lurking beneath the Arctic ice, huge sharks consume seals and other large prey as if they were mere morsels. For the first time these sluggish, nearly blind creatures are photographed in their frigid habitat. Article and photographs by Nick Caloyianis. 

  • Joint Nature Conservation Committteee
  • Annual Report 1997-98
  • Published August 1998
  • JNCC Nature Conservation in the UK:  Introduction to the statutory framework.
  • £13.95 
  •  For more Information click on the book
  • t.f.h. Publications Address
  • ISBN  185279108-X
  • NEW BOOKS  1998
  • Academic Press  Marine Booklist
  • August 1998
  • National Geographic
  • Bottlenose Whales 

  • At home in pitch-dark depths lethal to most marine mammals, these cetaceans may be the deepest divers of all. By Douglas H. Chadwick. Photographs by Flip Nicklin. 

    Fall 1998
    Scientific American  Vol. 9  No. 3
    Special Oceans Issue

  • Independent Newspaper:  Weekend Review
  • 15 August 1998
  • Countryside Council for Wales;  Report on shoreline survey.
  • Marine Nature Conservation News
  • May 1998  Last Issue published by:
  • Joint Nature Conservation Committee
  • Tel:  01733 562626 (Switchboard) 
  • Summer 1998
  • Marine Conservation Society journal
  • Basking Shark fully protected in British seas
  • Marine Reserves needed by Callum Roberts
  • Aquarist & Pondkeeper magazine:
  • May 1998:  Nordic Aquarium Critters 
  • Part 2: Setting up the Aquarium
  • Diver magazine
  • The Sea Trees of Trondheim
  • Corals in Norwegian seas
  • April 1998. 
  • Heritage Scotland
  • St. Kilda Diving article.
  • Spring 1998.  Vol 15.   No. 1
  • National Trust for Scotland publication. 
  •  Aquarist & Pondkeeper magazine:
  • April 1998:  Nordic Aquarium Critters
  • Marine life of the NE American coast (includes British species)
  • by Annie Mercier & Jean Francois Hamel
  • (Excellent photographs x 7)
  • April 1998:  London Aquarium.

  • 25 April 1998
    Weekend Telegraph.
    You 'orrible little shellfish
  • Ormering in Guernsey.
  • Ormer Report
  • The Dipper, Conservation News from the Devon Wildlife Trust, Winter/Spring 1998.  Seashore Safari:  Strandlining in winter in Devon & Cornwall.
  • The Devon Wildlife Trust produce an information pack for teachers.  Tel:  01392 279244  Jenny Glanvill or Emma Davis.
  • Aquarist & Pondkeeper magazine:
  • March 1998:  The New National Aquarium at Plymouth.
  • BBC 2 Science Zone  3 February 1998. Marine Biological recording in Belize (with relevance to British marine biological recording).  Teachers notes from  Tel:  0181 746 1111. 
  • Biologist  February 1998  Volume 45  No. 1:  Shifting Sands: plant survival in the dunes by Robert M M Crawford, University of St. Andrews. 
  • Water Gardener  January/February 1998. Feature on gulls. Standard journalese, nothing new. 
  • Wildlife of Britain  Issue 1:   The feature on Hermit Crabs shows photographs of warm water hermit crabs not found in the seas around Britain. Some of the information is wrong as well. 
  • Andy Horton's Shore Watch column in the Aquarist & Pondkeeper magazine:
  • February 1998:  Biological Recording, Scientific names, Identification Guides, What is a species? 
  • January 1998:  Biological Recording, UK Marine Biology, Gateway to the Internet, Colour of the Sea. 
  • A & P 

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