The purpose of the BMLSS is:

These aims are included as the main purpose of the BMLSS in the Constitution. The full Constitution document clarifies these aims where there is a possibility that the message is not clear. The full Constitution is available by written request to Glaucus House (address on the BMLSS Home Page) with a SAE.

The BMLSS is a voluntary unincorporated society, run on a non-profit making basis. Although not a Registered Charity, the BMLSS follows the rules applicable to Registered Charities as far as possible..

The motto of the BMLSS is 'Vincit Omnia Veritas' = Truth Conquers All.

The journal title 'Glaucus' derives from Greek mythology and means the colour of the sea. It is the generic name for a species of sea slug and this animal is represented on the logo. 'Glauca' is the specific name of the Blue Shark.

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