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17 - 18 March 2018
A few flurries of sleet and snow left a thin sprinking, 75 mm at most on the flat ground in Shoreham town. The roads and pavements were mostly not cold enough for the snow to settle. Air temperatures were on and about freezing over the weekend, but the wind was slight. The water and frog spawn on my small garden pond was not frozen at all.
6 March 2018
It was positively balmy and calm compared to the snow of a few days ago.

1 March 2018
Snow still lay on the side streets and downs in freezing temperatures throughout the day and night. Wind chill was most acute.

27 February 2018

Buckingham Park.
Corbyn Crescent (at midnight), Mill Hill

Fur-lined (and little used) Wellingtons passed the test and both heavy duty gloves were needed, but I felt the wind chill through my anorak in the afternoon when it was only just below freezing.There was a flurry of settled snow just after midnight and it remained below freezing throughout the second successive day. The depth of snow was too small to measure but it was over 20 mm in places. It remained throughout the day on the residential little used side pavements in Shoreham,  but the second flurry of snow around midday did not settle in Shoreham town centre. The daylight ended with a small layer of snow on the downs. The lowest Met Office air temperature was  minus -5.4 °C at 7:00 pm.

Beast from the East
The 'Beast from the East' is a phrase used to describe cold and wintry conditions in the UK as a result of easterly winds from the near continent.
When pressure is high over Scandinavia, the UK tends to experience a polar continental air mass.
When this happens in winter, cold air is drawn in from the Eurasian landmass bringing the cold and wintry conditions that give rise to the 'Beast from the East' moniker.(Met Office)


19 December 2017
Mud and a thin layer of ice on some of the puddles even in the afternoon, made for nearly treacherous cycling on the towpaths. but the Down's Link Cyclepath was easily passable as I made the circular route to Botolphs and back along the Coombes Road to Cuckoo's Corner and then by the slippery towpath to the Tollbridge at Old Shoreham.

At dusk there as red hue to the sky in the north as well as the western sunset.

22 October 2017
Quickly following on was storm "Brian" with gale force winds up to Force 9 around the British Isles with various creatures washed up on the shore, including a Portuguese Man-o'-War, Physalia physalis.

Waves generated by the storm over shallow seas at Shoreham
Photograph by Claire Peters

17 October 2017
What a difference a day makes. There was enough light for photographs up to 6:00 p,m. The sun was orangey and the calm weather hazy.

16 October 2017

2:45 pm (looking south)
3:00 pm (looking west)
At three o'clock the afternoon (three hours before Nautical Twilight), the dark clouds turned day into near darkness. There was slight orangey hue to the sky in the west, and the birds (gulls and flocks of Starlings) seemed a shade confused like they were at a Solar Eclipse.It felt like a heavy shower was imminent but it did not rain until the following day. There was a Storm Surge of 0.4 metres but this occurred at a low tide of 1.3 metres. The Light Breeze at Force 2 did not seem significant and it felt very still without a breeze at all.
BBC weather presenter Simon King said it was due to the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia dragging in tropical air and dust from the Sahara. The debris from forest fires in Portugal and Spain was also playing a part. The dust has caused shorter wavelength blue light to be scattered, making the sun appear red.
BBC Ophelia Report
BBC Ophelia turns the sun red
Cyclone Ophelia
Hurricane Ophelia (wiki) hits Ireland

12 September 2017

19 July 2017

There was an impressive lightning show, thunder and heavy rain in the early hours.
It started just before midnight and continued for about two hours, and the occasional lightning to the north for another hour. People in south facing windows may have seen the lightning start earlier. The bucklet measurement was 35mm of rain over night.
Real Life Lightning Map

21 June 2017
The highest air temperature of the year was attained at 27.4 °C at 2:00 pm and then to 27.5 ° Cat 4:00 pm.
Met Office Shoreham

20 June 2017
The highest air temperature of the year was attained at 26.7 °C at 11:00 am. At 4:00 pm  it was 26.6 °C.
Met Office Shoreham

19 June 2017
A Rooksoared like aBuzzard in the mostly blue sky on the warmest air temperature of the year reaching25.6 °C at10:00 am and 26.1 ° C at 11:00 am when I was on Mill Hill.
Met Office Shoreham

18 June 2017
Sunny, 25.2 °C Highest air temperature of the year at 7.00 pm.
Met Office Shoreham

12 June 2017
Tenth successive day of steady Force 4 breezes and above, cooler, grey clouds with rain in the air.
AccuWeather (June 2017)

9 June 2017
A whole week of persistently breezy weather continued with an all day steady Fresh Breeze (Force 5).

6 June 2017


As I wrote this the wind speed was recorded at 32 mph gusting to 46 mph.
Shoreham Airport Weather Station

Shoreham Airport Weather Station

26 May 2017
25.1 °C at4:00 pm, Met Office Shoreham  Highest air temperature of the year.

25 May 2017
22.1 °C Met Office Shoreham  Highest air temperature of the year.

26 April 2017
There was at least two hailstone showers during a cool day.

25 April 2017

The north wind made the sea calm. NNW, 6 mph, Force 2, lowest of the day, when usually Force 4

27 March 2017
With the sun shining under a blue sky and the highest air temperature this year recorded by the Met Office at 15.5 °C, butterflies were frequently in flight and lizards basked in the open.

15 March 2017
Sunny. 13.7 °C

9 March 2017
The sun came out and the air temperature attained 14° C

3 February 2017

Windfinder, Shoreham Airport


30 December 2016
Brighton & Hove Albion's match with Cardiff on Friday night was postponed due to heavy fog on the south coast.
Referee Chris Kavanagh made two inspections of conditions at the AMEX Stadium before deciding the game couldn’t go ahead around 6 pm.
Sky Sports Report

9 December 2016
12.5 °C recorded by the Met Office at 1:00 pm: a high temperature for December.

7 December 2016
12.3 ° C recorded by the Met Office at midday: a high temperature for December.

1 December 2016
The Met Office air temperature fell below freezing to -5.3 °C at 6:00 am. There ws a thin layer of ice on my small garden pond. The day time temperature rose to 8.3 °C, The sea was calm and the River Adur estuary and Widewater Lagoon were like a mill pond with what little wind there was blown in from the north.

30 November 2016
Suddenly it got cold and it was freezing over night. It did not seem that cold though and I did not find any ice on the small pond before midnight. There was ice on the water butt after midday though.

22 November 2016

20 November 2016
Storm Angus

Storm Angus
In the morning, after the gale had receded
Photograph by Stuart M Clout

A gust of 64.5 mph (Force 11) was recorded in the a early hours.

Windfinder recorded gusts up to 53 mph (Force 9) at Shoreham Airport.

9 October 2016

On a varied cloudy day, the most spectacular Rainbow I had ever seen appeared over Shoreham for 18 minutes in the afternoon. It appeared as both as a double rainbow and even a treble rainbow for a very brief moment.

13 September 2016
Shoreham Met Office recorded 25.9 °C at 5:00 pm. 23 °C at 11:00 pm.

23 August 2016
The Shoreham Beach Weather Station  air temperature reached 25.3 ° C at 9:40 pm.
Shoreham Met Office recorded 25.8 ° C at 5:00 pm.

20 July 2016
Force 5 Gusting to Gale Force 7 but still too hot to sleep. 25.9 ° C at 1:00 am. It also rained.

19 July 2016

Lucky a breeze (Force 4) was blowing as it was very warm > 28.9° C. No clouds were seen in a clear blue sky. (This could be the highest temperature this century?)
Shoreham Beach Weather Station

Shoreham Met Office

18 July 2016
On the first warm day of the year (Air Temperatue >25.3° C) of the year, the male Chalkhill Blue Butterflies (16) finally emerged on the lower slopes of Mill Hill when I visited in the middle of the day. The Humidex was hot >32.1° C.
Shoreham Beach Weather Station

12 - 24 June 2016
A spate of thunderstorms for almost every day with short spells of torrential rain.

18 March 2016

Easter Monday started with gales, and at 3:00 am, it was Gale Force 8 gusting to Storm Force 10 (60 mph) from due south, as recorded by Shoreham Met Office.

16 February 2016
The air temperature fell below freezing around dawn and there was a layer of ice on standing water.

8 February 2016

Gales blew throughout the day and for a large part of the daylight hours it was Gale Force 9 even reaching a steady 65.6 mph (Violent Storm Force 11) gusting to 67.4 mph with some very alarming sudden gusts. The wind direction was WSW but sudden gusts could blew from other directions. These wind speeds were recorded by the more exposed Shoreham Beach Weather Station but even Shoreham Met Office recorded gusts to 61 mph. The lowest was Gale Force 8 during the daylight.
Strong Gale Force 9
High waves; seas begins to roll; dense streaks of foam; spray may reduce visibility. Very Rough.

Storm Force 10
Very high waves with overhanging crests; sea takes white appearance as foam is blown in very dense streaks; rolling is heavy and visibility is reduced. 

Windfinder gave the maximum wave height at 5.6 metres. At the time of the photograph it was at 5.4 metres

15 January 2016
I cycled up past Mill Hill into a north wind on my newly acquired bike, with a wind chill just below zero.

Extensive flooding to the north in the low lying fields around Henfield could seen from the muddy footpath north of and downhill from Beeding Hill car park.


25 December 2015
Christmas Day
Shoreham Beach Weather Station recorded an air temperature 13.2° C, and wind gusts to Gale Force 7. There was rain in the morning.

23 November 2015
Two Sun Dogs* (=parhelia) were seen through the cirrus clouds and over the sea in the afternoon as the sun fell lower in the sky. Gentle waves rolled across the submerged sand on a low neap tide. The wind had dropped and Widewater Lagoon was mill calm with reflections in the weak sunshine, in mid-afternoon.
*Sun Dogs are a member of a large family of halos, created by light interacting with ice crystals in the atmosphere. Sun dogs typically appear as two subtly colored patches of light to the left and right of the Sun, approximately 22° distant and at the same elevation above the horizon as the Sun. They can be seen anywhere in the world during any season, but they are not always obvious or bright. Sun Dogs are best seen and are most conspicuous when the Sun is close to the horizon.

21 November 2015
Windy and cold, the anemometer of the Shoreham Beach Weather Station recorded a gust of 56.4 mph (Force 10). In the afternoon the winds died down and after dusk the temperature began to fall to steadily from a day time high of 6.1° C to freezing 0° C by midnight.

19 November 2015
The anemometerof the Shoreham Beach Weather Station recorded a gust of 51.4 mph (Force 9).

18 November 2015
A steady Force 6 throughout the afternoon gusted to 52 mph (Force 9) at 9:00 pm as measured by Shoreham Met Office. The Shoreham Beach Weather Station anemometer was out of action.

1 November 2015

Mist over the Adur

River Adur at Upper Beeding
on a high spring tide

The distance visible in the photograph above was measured at 400 metres so in common parlance it is mist not fog.

The official definition of fog is a visibility of less than 1,000 metres. This limit is appropriate for aviation purposes, but for the general public and motorists an upper limit of 200 metres is more realistic. Severe disruption to transport occurs when the visibility falls below 50 metres. Useful labels for these three categories are aviation fog, thick fog and dense fog.

Fog Definition (Met Office)

The term "fog" is typically distinguished from the more generic term "cloud" in that fog is low-lying, and the moisture in the fog is often generated locally (such as from a nearby body of water, like a lake or the ocean, or from nearby moist ground or marshes).

By definition, fog reduces visibility to less than 1 kilometre (0.62 mi), whereas mist causes lesser impairment of visibility.

For aviation purposes in the UK, a visibility of less than 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) but greater than 999 metres (3,278 ft) is considered to be mist if the relative humidity is 70% or greater; below 70%, haze is reported.

Fog Definition (Wiki)

28 September 2015

A Lunar Eclipse was seen in the early hours of the morning when the Sun, Earth and Moon were in syzygy.
Photographs taken at 11:19 pm; 2:09 am; 3:25 am; 3:27 am.

22 August 2015
Shoreham Met Office recorded 26.1° C at 7:00 pm, the second highest air temperature so far this year. It seemer warmer to me.

13 August 2015
Thunder rumbled at dawn and with occasional lightning (to the south) and continual rain occurred throughout the morning (5.4 mm). The bucket water measurement was 100 mm (4 inches).

24 July 2015
It rained almost all day and it must have been over an inch fell. Shoreham Beach Weather Station recorded 12 mm (but I am not sure how accurate this is?). My bucket measured 40 mm (inaccurate).

4 July 2015
Shoreham and Sussex missed most of the thunder and lightning and rain.

30 June 2015

Shoreham Beach Weather Station recorded 26.5° C, the highest air temperature so far this year. It seemer warmer to me.

11 June 2015
Shoreham Beach Weather Station recorded 24.4° C, the highest air temperature so far this year. It did not seem so warm to me.

6 May 2015

Galesbattered the shore throughout the day, a steady Fresh Gale Force 8 gusting to Storm Force 10 was recorded by Shoreham Beach Weather Station. The maximum wind speed recorded was 59.9 mph (Force 10).

8 April 2015
Shoreham Met Office showed the air temperature attaining 13.1 °C at 1:00 pm. Shoreham Beach Weather Station recorded 12.4° C.

6 April 2015
Shoreham Beach Weather Station recorded 17.0° C, the highest air temperature so far this year. It did not seem so warm to me.

2 February 2015
A thin layer of ice was seen on the pond in the morning with over night air temperatures falling to minus -5.3 °C at 7:00 am & 8:00 am.
Shoreham Met Office


29 December 2014
There was just the first thin layer of ice on my garden pond at midday when the temperature rose above freezing to 2.7 °C,
Shoreham Met Office recorded air temperatures fell below freezing over night, down to minus -3.7 °C at 7.00 am, minus -3.5 °C at 9:00 am.

14 December 2014
Shoreham Met Office reported air temperatures fell below freezing over night, down to minus 4.3°C at 4:00 am. The independent Shoreham Beach Weather Station recorded down to plus 0.3°C. By the end of the following midnight, the air temperature rose to 10.3°C.

8/9 ° 9/10 November 2014
Rumbling thunder, lightning and rain continued through two nights in succession.

11 October 2014
It rained continually for most of the day, quite hard for a lot of the time. The rain for the day was measured at 12.00 mm by the Shoreham Beach Weather Station.

10 October 2014
The late afternoon and evening hours after dark brought intermittent and then an hour (7:30 - 8:30 pm) long continual thunderstorms and lightning with torrential rain. Shoreham Beach Weather Station recorded 7.2 mm rainfall, mostly in about half an hour.

9 October 2014
A steady Gale Force 8 gusted to Force 10 (57 mph) around the middle of the day and into the evening. Thunder and lightning and rain from about 8:00 pm but not excessive, but almost immediately overhead my house in Corbyn Crescent, Shoreham.

7-8 October 2014
The rain of the two days came in sustained downpours and brief squalls.

7 October 2014
I was woken in the early hours of the morning by the most ominous and prolonged rumblings of thunder I can ever recall. I have heard louder sudden claps but this was constant for a few minutes or more. Rainfall for the day was measured by Shoreham Beach Weather Station at 25.77 mm with an early morning hourly record of 17.7 mm at 4:47 am.

6 October 2014
The brief Indian Summer was curtailed by the first day of rain.

19 September 2014
The air temperature of the attained 21.4°C measured by Shoreham Met Office.

17 September 2014
The air temperature of the attained 23 °C measured by Shoreham Met Office.

16 September 2014
On a warm (21.7 °C, measured by Shoreham Met Office) humid afternoon a Kestrel swooped over the lower slopes of Mill Hill.

10 August 2014
The remnants of Tropical Storm "Bertha" dumped rainfall to the tune of 35.7 mm in the 12 hours up to midday, peaking at about 10:15 am. 21 mm fell in one hour. The bucket measured 60 mm of rain water.
Shoreham Beach Weather Station

28 July 2014
There was Rain, Thunder and Lightning in the early hours before dawn. The cumulative rainfall in the last two downpours (including the one on 25 July 2014) measured 38 mm by the bucket method.

25 July 2014
My afternoon visit to Mill Hill was interrupted by a thunderstorm and rain deluge that drenched me to the skin.

23 July 2014
The highest air temperature of the year (so far) of 28.1°C  was recorded by Shoreham Beach Weather Station in the afternoon. Shoreham Met Office recorded 28.2°C at 5:00 pm. My indoor temperature gauge recorded 27.6°C.

20 July 2014
The heaviest deluge of rain I have ever seen started at 8:02 pm. It was still going at 8:07 pm. It eased at 8:16 pm but it was still heavy rain and over an inch of extra water was seen in a bucket (rough measurement at 33 mm) and my front path doorstep was underwater for the first time recorded. The thunder and lightning was not particularly unusual. The rain eased even more by 8:21 pm and finished shortly afterwards.

18 July 2014
Rain, Thunder and Lightning returned just after 8:00 pm but the centre was to the east and over the sea.


Rain, Thunder and Lightning started just after 1:00 am. It was unprecedented in frequency of continuous lightning this century from 1:40 am to 2:00 am.

The Spanish Plume (Penacho Iberico in Spanish and Spaanse Pluim in Dutch) is a weather pattern in which a plume of warm air moves from the Iberian plateau or the Sahara to northwest Europe giving rise to severe storms. This meteorological pattern can lead to extreme high temperatures and intense rainfall during the summer months, with potential for flash flooding, damaging hail storms and tornado formation. [wiki]
Spanish Plume (NetWeather UK)

17 July 2014
The highest air temperature of the year (so far) of 25.4°C  was recorded by Shoreham Beach Weather Station. My indoor temperature recorded 26.2°C. Both were recorded at 8:00 pm. The temperature rose into the early evening and did not fall until 8:15 pm.

24 June 2014
The highest air temperature of the year (so far) of 24.0°C  was recorded by Shoreham Beach Weather Station.

8 June 2014
The highest air temperature of the year (so far) of 21.5°C  was recorded by Shoreham Beach Weather Station.

24 May 2014
4.3 mm of rain fell in one hour with a time recorded at 1:23 pm.
Shoreham Beach Weather Station

13 March 2014
Fog rose from the Adur river valley in the late afternoon. The air temperature needed to fall from a high of 14.1°C to the next recorded temperature of 7.5°C (Dew Point 5.5°C) for the fog to be anything more than a distant mist, with the temperature falling to 6.3°C later. Humidity varied between 93% and 95%. The Fog was greatest at sea level but by late afternoon visibility was reduced to 100  to 350 metres (depending on direction) on Mill Hill and the valley below was shrouded in fog. On the River Adur (Surry Hard) the visibility was down to 85 metres. 

BBC Sea Fret Page
Types of Fog

10 March 2014
The air temperature of the year at 16.1°Crecorded by Shoreham Beach Weather Station at 2:16 pm was the highest of the year so far.

5 March 2014
The air temperature of 11.8°C recorded by Shoreham Beach Weather Station in the morning was the highest of the year so far.

2 March 2014
Although only a steady Force 6 in the evening, the weather was still awful with rain, hailstones, and gusts to Storm Force 10
14 February 2014
The inclement weather returned with continual rain (not heavy) throughout the day and a steady Gale Force 7 to 9 in the evening. Shoreham Beach Weather Station recorded a maximum gust of 70.7 mph (Force 11). The southerly wind, steady to Gale Force 10 (58.9 mph), was fluctuating with the gusts making cycling almost impossible (and I declined this). About 11:20 pm a gust of 73.9 mph (Force 12) was recorded by Shoreham Beach Weather Station. The maximum gust recorded in the evening was a 78.8 mph from a steady (for over an hour) Storm Force 10. 
Previous Force 12 Record

Just before midnight a predicted storm surge of 1 metre boosted a 5.9 metre high spring tide with gale force winds. 

Shoreham Met Office only reports hourly readings and the highest they reported was 66 mph (Force 11).

13 February 2014
After the storms, the sun made a brief occurrence in the early afternoon, enough for a Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly to awake from its diapause and flutter around a white van at the eastern end of the High Street, Shoreham.

12 February 2014
Near Gales and Gales (steady Force 6 to Force 8) blowed throughout the day, at some times worse than other times and with persistent rain including deluges, Shoreham Met Office recorded gusts up to 60 mph (Storm Force 10) at 2:00 pm ° 3:00 pm.  Shoreham Beach Weather Station recorded a maximum gust of 65.4 mph (Violent Storm Force 11) around the same time. The southerly wind was characterised by very sudden gusts over a relatively low steady wind speed (e.g. 35 to 65 mph). 

Shoreham Beach Weather Station takes continual readings whilst the Shoreham Met Office only reports hourly readings which may account for higher recordings by the private station. 

At 4:00 pm Shoreham Met Office recorded a gust of 66 mph (Force 11).

8 February 2014
A gale blowed intermittently throughout the day with Shoreham Met Office recorded gusts up to 62 mph (Storm Force 10) at 7:00 pm. Shoreham Beach Weather Station recorded a maximum gust of 67.9 mph (Violent Storm Force 11) around the same time. 
Links to the Shoreham Beach Weather Station information
5 February 2014
As gales battered the coasts of England, Shoreham Beach Weather Station recorded the wind as a Gale Force 8 gusting to Storm Force 10 and it certainly seems like this. Shoreham Met Office only recorded gusts up to 54 mph (Gale Force 9) at 2:00 pm. This wind speed of Strong Breeze Force 6 gusting to Force 9 was constant from before midnight and throughout the day. 

11 January 2014
The lowest air temperature of 2014 (this winter) was recorded at 0.9°C was recorded by Shoreham Beach Weather Station.

January 2014
The Met Office reported that for southern central and south-east England it was the wettest January since records began in 1910. It seemed to rain continually throughout the month. The rainfall may have been the highest for nearly 250 years, The monthly total was higher than any since 1767 and over twice the average level.

BBC News Report
Daily Telegraph Report
Observer Report

3 January 2014
I was right in the middle of the new Adur Ferry Bridge when the the low flying clouds in mid-afternoon were illuminated by a flash of lightning followed immediately by one tremendous clap of thunder and a second clap a few seconds later. I was nearly blown from my bicycle by a gust of wind and battered by hailstones. Out at sea it was rough, the waves were foaming with white caps like just about a steady Gale Force 7 from the south-west, blowing diagonally on to the shore. Grey clouds reached down to the sea and the swirling gust conditions looked and it felt like a squall (or mini-tornado) might form. The Shoreham Beach Weather Station figures corresponded to my observations recording a steady wind speed of 34 mph (Force 7) gusting to 62 mph (Force 10). An earlier gust of 66.8 mph (Force 11) was recorded.

River Adur at Star Gap
Photograph by Mark Bond
Photograph by Fox Geere

Between midday and 1:00 am, the high spring tide of 6.7 metres plus a storm surge of 0.4 metres was a possible flood risk that did not materialise, although the wind assisted waves in the River Adur estuary splashed on to Coronation Green, in Shoreham.


After dusk the gale increased and Shoreham Beach Weather Station recorded steady wind speeds of 45 mph (Gale Force 8) gusting to 73.9 mph (Hurricane Force 12) before 6:00 pm.

1 January 2014
The New Year was heralded in by overcast and damp weather. It was not until the early hours that the gales and heavy rain started mostly Gale Force 7 gusting to Storm Force 10, but on occasions reaching Gale Force 8 gusting to Violent Storm Force 11 according to the Shoreham Beach Weather Station which recorded a gust of 66.4 mph (Force 11). The recorded wind speeds certainly corresponded with the large trees swaying constantly in the wind and battered by the rain. 
Shoreham Beach Weather Station
Storm at Worthing (Video by Peter Weever)

Three Herring Gulls glided in the wind under the fast moving low flying grey clouds, the first birds seen this year as the rain stopped in the afternoon. 



30 December 2013
I nearly got blown over by and exposed Coronation Green by a gust of wind estimated at Force 10 blowing from the west at 11.45 am. The Shoreham Met Office anemometer was not working so I consulted the Shoreham Beach Weather Station which recorded a gust of 56.7 mph (Force 10). They recorded a steady wind of 42 mph (Force 8) which corresponded with the swaying large tree seen from my window. Walking was appreciably difficult in exposed places.


25 December 2013  Christmas Day
Thunder was heard about 3:00 am. It woke me up. There were puddles in the road and a clear day at 11:00 am. At 11:20 am it started raining again but it was soon just a light drizzle. By the afternoon it was quite a pleasant day. A few buttercups were flowering in my front garden. The air temperature rose to 8.7 °C
Shoreham Met Office
23 December 2013
It is very windy, up to a steady Force 8 and it rained continually all afternoon and into the evening. One gust was measured at 69 mph.

Shoreham Met Office

6 December 2013
Coronation Green in flood just after midnight.
Photograph by Mark Bond on facebook

Click on the image for the flood gallery of photographs.

6 December 2013
A Storm Surge put extra height on a high spring tide of 6.5 metres
The predicted tide was over the 7 metres normal maximum and a Flood Warning was issued.

28 November 2013
19.6 mm of rain fell during the day.

Shoreham Beach Weather Station

26 November 2013

8 November 2013
8.7 mm of rain fell in one hour with a time recorded at 9:05 pm.
Shoreham Beach Weather Station

October 2013
It was the warmest October in my memory.
28 October 2013
Gale Force winds blew in hours of darkness until dawn.
Shoreham Met Office page recorded a gust of 67 mph (Violent Storm Force 11) at 6:00 am from a steady 45 mph (Force 8). A few trees came down in Shoreham. 

Shoreham Beach Weather Station recorded 78 mph (Hurricane Force 12). 

Storm Gallery

Autumn Storm (Met Office)

Fishing Vessels at Shoreham Harbour, Sussex
with Shoreham Power Station
Photograph by Andy Horton

28 - 29 October 2013
Over the night and morning, the south coast was battered by a Gale Force 8, gusting to Storm Force 10, with exceptional gusts of Hurricane Force 12 in exposed parts of the coast. The fishing fleet was moored up for two days and nights in ports all along the coast, including 20 of the the larger fishing vessels in Shoreham Harbour.

Storm at Dawn
Western Harbour Arm, Shoreham
Photographs by Mark Bond

Video by Mark Bond

The photograph shows the rolling waves on Southwick Beach around 2:30 pm when a gust was recorded at 48 mph and it felt like it continuously on the exposed beach when it was a great struggle (more than seriously impeded) to walk against the south-westerly gale. Unlike the previous day, occasional (one every four minutes) waves could be seen above the western harbour wall.
27 October 2013
A visit to Southwick Beach was blustery with it seeming windier than the recorded Gale Force 7 gusting to Gale Force 9 (49 mph) around 1:00 pm. Shoreham Beach Weather Station recorded 63 mph (Force 10) and I was out in it and it was believable. Shoreham Met Office  page recorded a gust of 52 mph (Force 9) at 3:00 pm.

11 September 2013

Autocumulus "Mackerel Sky" Clouds over Lancing in the early morning.
Photograph by Deborah Fields on facebook

8 September 2013
There was thunder, lightning and torrential rain in the late afternoon (after 5:00 pm), but it did not last very long, 12 minutes at the most.

6 September 2013
The warm weather finally broke and the first overcast day for a week and the end of the summer weather and the beginning of autumn.

12 August 2013
Stars could be seen on a dark moonless night but none of the promised meteors before midnight, after which it became hazy.

27 July 2013
At last the thunder and lightning begins and there is a small amount of rain at 7:00 pm.

24 July 2013

Photographs by Ray Hamblett

The clouds looked very strange at dusk (8:52 pm) over Lancing and a similar view was seen from Hollingbury, Brighton.

Report and Images by Ray Hamblett
I think these must be unusual high altitude clouds of the cirrus type (before they change to rain cirrostratus clouds°). Possibly Cirrus uncinus °
Cloud Types
List of Cloud Types (Wikipedia)

21 July 2013
The air temperature measured 27.9 °C at 6:00 pm, the equal highest so far this year.
Met Office: Shoreham

19 July 2013
The air temperature measured 27.9 °C at 3:00 pm, the highest so far this year.
Met Office: Shoreham

18 July 2013
The air temperature measured 27.7 °C at 4:00 pm, the highest so far this year.
Met Office: Shoreham

7 July 2013
In the warmth of the midday sun the air temperature measured 26.4 °Cat1:00 pm.

6 July 2013
Warm at last with the sun out all day: 22.3 °C at 3:00 pm with little or no wind.

13 June 2013
White caps could be seen on breaking waves on the River Adur by Coronation Green in Shoreham. Just over a week before the Summer Solstice and the WSW wind blowed a steady Force 6 gusting to Gale Force 8.
Met Office: Shoreham

8 June2013
A fine Adur World Oceans Day with the sun out throughout. It felt like the warmest day of the year.

31 May 2013
Warm at last when the sun came out: 21.2 °C at 5:00 pm.

6 May 2013
Cherry-blossomed and shirt-sleeved weather (13.3°C), the only white in a bright blue sky was a vapour trail. This air temperature was probably the highest of the year so far, the previous high being a recording mistake.

14 April 2013
The air temperature reached a high of 16.1 °C at 4:00 pm. This was easily the highest of the year so far. This reading was a sudden peak (this reading seems like an anomaly.) and the air temperature mostly registered about 13.0 °C.
Met Office: Shoreham

10 April 2013
12.4 mm of rain fell during the 24 hours up to 10:00 pm. But all of it fell between 7:00 pm when I started my Mill Hill talk at Lancing Manor and 11:00 pm when I got home (by car).

2 April 2013
For just a few minutes I felt he brief and weak warmth of the sun from between the white clouds, as I was battered by a chill north-east breeze (Force 5 gusting to Force 6). The air temperature reached 7.4 °C.

12 March 2013

Snow blown around on Mill Hill

The snow slowly melted during the day but not all of it, and the melted snow froze making some shady areas perilously slippery. Gusts of wind blew the powdery snow around and this effect could be seen at a distances e.g. on Mill Hill from Shoreham Beach.

Cyclepath north of Old Shoreham
The wind bringing the snow came from the east

11 March 2013
5 cm of snow fell after dark but it stopped before midnight.
18 January 2013
Snow blew vertically in from the east (Force 4) during daylight. Around midday the snow awas an inch (25 mm) deep on the cold ground in Shoreham with the air temperature only just below freezing.

On the cyclepath north of Old Shoreham the depth of snow was measured at 60 mm. The snow stopped about 2:00 pm

16 January 2013
After midnight (1:00 am) the air temperature was recorded at minus 3.9 °C, the coldest so far this year.

15 January 2013
In the early evening (8:00 pm) the air temperature was recorded at minus 3.8 °C, the coldest so far this year.
Met Office: Shoreham


25 December 2012  Christmas Day
The trees were swaying in the wind and I could hear the howl of the wind between the houses and down the chimney. At 11:00 am the gusts were Gale Force 8, (recorded 41 mph at 10:00 am). It was recorded at a steady Force 6, but the gusts seemed to be continuous. 

17 October 2012
A Storm Surge put extra height on an exceptionally high tide of 6.8 metresat 12:56 pm, just beginning to flood Coronation Green.
The forecast surge height was 0.33 metres
Storm Surge Forecasts (National Oceanograhic Centre)

Photograph by Peter Weaver

15 October 2012
With Cumulus clouds rushing across the sky, the weather was changeable, the sun shining through the gaps in the clouds for a few minutes on the lower slopes of Mill Hill, and I was subsequently battered by hail blowing horizontally (Force 4) from the west when I trekked across the upper plateau. A male Kestrel hovered over Mill Hill, silhouetted by the changing cloud types. Flowers were scarce and most had turned to seed. Dogwood leaves had turned to a dark red and there was the feel of autumn with the fallen leaves under foot.

23 - 25 September 2012
Heavy rain through three days and some after darkness.
5 September 2012

Mare's Tails,  Cirrus uncinus, usually  precede fair weather.

26 August 2012
My overall memory of this wet and cool summer, will not be the rain and varying temperatures, mostly cool, but of the almost constant Breeze. It was blowing a steady Force 5 (22 mph) in the afternoon as I wrote this. The bushes of Buddleia and the butterflies were being blown about and the wind gusted up to Force 6 (29 mph). The temperature was a pleasant 19.9 °C.
Met Office: Shoreham

22 July 2012
At least the clouds have dispersed and the sun shines and the butterflies appeared as it warmed up in the early afternoon to a below average 17.8 °C.

8 - 21 July 2012
The cool breezy weather continues with showers.
Jet Stream Explanation

5 - 7 July 2012
Rain occurred intermittently throughout the days and nights but in other parts of England, floods occurred.
Floods on other parts of the UK

June 2012
The Met Office reported the wettest June for over a century.
"Provisional Met Office figures for June show double the average amount of rain has fallen, making it the wettest June since records began in 1910.
This is the second record breaking month of rainfall this year, with April also topping the rankings. The period from April to June is also the wettest recorded for the UK.
It is also the second dullest June on record with just 119.2 hours of sunshine, narrowly missing out on the record of 115.4 hours set in 1987. To complete the disappointing picture, it has also been the coolest June since 1991 with a mean temperature of 12.3 °C.
Movements in the track of the jet stream, a narrow band of fast flowing westerly winds high in the atmosphere, have contributed to the weather we have seen." (Extract)

21 June 2012
More bad weather occurred either side of the Summer Solstice with breezes gusting to gales and cool temperatures. (The records were kept but they have been misfiled.)

10 - 11 June 2012
The awful weather continues, this time with a deluge of rain in the south-east of England with the worst recorded at Shoreham weather station, with 24.6 mm recorded in 24 hours up until the end end of 10 June 2012, and according to BBC Radio 5, 55 mm fell in Shoreham over night. Later BBC (SE) TV stated the figure for Shoreham was 58 mm.

8 June 2012
White caps appeared on the waves driven diagonally across the River Adur from the WSW in a constant Gale Force 7, gusting to Storm Force 10, constantly throughout the day without remission. Batten down the hatches and stay indoors, but we had to be out in this weather setting up Adur World Oceans Day 2012 in the marquee on the exposed Coronation Green, Shoreham. The wind hammered at the marquee all day until we were driven to dispair by the constant noise.

                                                  Waves from the south-west battering the Shoreham Harbour wall
  Photograph by Alec Trusler

Beaufort Scale
Met Office: Shoreham

25 May 2012
The sky was completely blue without any trace of a cloud. It was warm (25.9 °C at 1:00 pm was the warmest this year) and breezy (Force 4) with strong easterly gusts (Force 7), rising to 26.0 °C at 2:00 pm, and to Force 5 at 3:00 pm.

22 May 2012
It was easily the warmest (the first air temperature recorded in excess of 20 °C in the hour before midday, rising to 24.9 °C at 5:00 pm) day of the year so far with the wind (Force 4 blowing from due north). It felt a bit sticky.
3 May 2012
These images of the raindrops on the Marsh Marigold sums up the inclement weather for the last half of April and beginning of May: generally inclement and overcast with rain almost every day.

27 March 2012
With no cloud cover to keep in the heat, the air temperature fell over night to 4.9° C at 7:00 am

26 March 2012
The air temperature in the sunshine under an azure blue sky recorded at 19.0 °C at 3:00 pm, the highest of the year.

24 March 2012
The air temperature recorded at 17.6 °C at 11:00 am. This is the highest so far this year that I have noted.

23 March 2012
The sunshine came out in the afternoon and it felt quite pleasant, but the air temperature only reached a maximum of 14.9 °C.
By thered sunset (6:19 pm), the fog began to roll in at the entrance to Shoreham Harbour where the end of the harbour piers were obscured from a viewpoint by the Lifeboat Station on Kingston Buci Beach. The spring tide (forecasted 0.7 metres) had  receded to the Chart Datum mark. In the night sky (7:00 pm) to the east Mars shined,Sirius twinkled to the south, and in the west, Venus shone brightly immediately above Jupiter.

22 March 2012
The air temperature recorded at 16.3 °C at 5:00 pm and may have been higher earlier in the day and this was probably the warmest temperature of the year.
Met Office: Shoreham

12 March 2012
Under a blue sky and weak sunshine (14.6 °C) the Sweet Violets were flowering on Mill Hill, where I saw two Peacock Butterflies (my first two butterflies of the year), one flying across the road at the top of the hill and another one fluttering over the lower slopes. In the mid evening (9:00 pm) it was foggy.The flood equinoctial spring tide was one metre above Chart Datum at 9.00 pm and one hour after low water. The fog lasted for about an hour.
Adur Butterfly List
Sea Temperature UK: 13 March 2010
UK Sea Temperature Map
Fog Information

23 February 2012
The sun came out in the afternoon and the air temperature rose to 14.2 °C at 1:00 pm.

12 February 2012
It was a cold night throughout with the air temperature falling to minus 5.6 °C, below minus 5.0 °C from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

10 February 2012
The air temperature fell to minus 6.4 °C at 7:00 am (the coldest of the year).

7 February 2012
It was forecasted to be a cold night with the air temperature already below freezing (minus 0.9 °C) at 5:00 pm. The lowest recorded at 10:00 pm was minus 3.6 °C, but it remained below freezing all night and only rose a fraction above freezing throughout the morning. .

5 February 2012
It is just above freezing in Shoreham town and damp but no snow, but I can see a thin layer of snow on the downs from my top  floor window at midday.

4 February 2012
The air temperature was minus 5.3 °C at 8:00 am. At8:00 pm there was a thin layer of snow of about 2 mm on the pavement. By 10.00 pm it had all melted and it rained.

3 February 2012
The air temperature was minus 5.4 °C; that's five below zero at 3 o'clock in the morning. I had to go out and post the VAT form. There was no wind (Force 2 from the north) but it sure felt chilly out there, all wrapped up. It was not damp though. No snow was expected. The air temperature fell to minus 6.3 °C at 8:00 am (the coldest of the year so far).
Met Office: Shoreham
Lowest Temperatures this Millennium 2010

2 February 2012
At dawn (7:00 am) the air temperature was recorded at minus 2.6 °C, the coldest so far this year.
Met Office: Shoreham

3 January 2012
It was a horrible morning with sheet rain and gales from the south-west, reaching a steady Gale Force 8 from 10:00 am to midday and after, and gusting to Storm Force 10 (59 mph) from 11:00 am.
Beaufort Scale
Met Office: Shoreham

 25 December 2011
The weather was dry and mild for the time of year, with a steady 10 °C throughout the day and a Gentle Breeze (Force 3).

12-13 December 2011 Midnight 
12 December 2011
In the evening between 11:00 pm and midnight there was a steady just about Gale Force 8 (39 mph) but an occasional exceptional gust (62+ mph) to Storm Force 10 rattled even closed windows.
Met Office: Shoreham

20 November 2011
A photograph of the mist/clouds over the Adur Valley viewed from Mill Hill was shown on BBC South Today. The low-lying clouds hung so low that Lancing College could be seen rising out of them.
Images by Dave Saunders Graphics (Link)

22 October 2011
It was a virtually cloudless sky with just a few fluffy patches of Cirrus exceeded in quantity by a few vapour trails, at an air temperature of 12.3 °C.

1 October 20113 October 2011
Out in the hazy sun shone as it was forecasted to be the last warm day for several months. The air temperature reached 20.5 °C at 3:00 pm with the breeze blowing from the south-west.

1 October 2011
My thermometer recorded 24.5 °C in the shade at 1.00 pm whereas the official air temperature recorded 23.0 °C at 1.00 pm.
Met Office: Shoreham
Record October Temperature in Kent

28 September 2011
Under a clear blue sky, the proximity of the colder sea may have limited the air temperature to a maximum of 21.1 °C (the lowest maximum in the south-east, Gravesend recorded 27.1 °C).

27 September 2011
The day was not as sunny as forecasted and in the late afternoon a fret (sea mist) obscured the Shoreham Harbour Power Station chimney when viewed from Dolphin Road in Shoreham. The air temperature was 16.0 °C at 5.00 pm when the fret occurred. Before the fret the air temperature at 3.00 pm was 17.9 °C. The south-east wind speed was 7 mph. A set fret occurs when when a parcel of warm air passes over the colder sea.
BBC Sea Fret Page

12 September 2011
As northern Britain is battered by gales in the wake of Hurricane Katia, the conditions at Shoreham were possible for cycling in when the wind dropped, reaching Force 6 gusting to Force 8 (44 mph) WSW at 18.9 °C. Whitecaps formed on both the River Adur at high tide(adjacent to the Airport) and just off the coast where the south-westerly wind direction was apparent from the alignment of the waves.

6 September 2011
That gust was too dangerous to cycle in: Gale Force 7 gusting to Force 9 (52 mph), but only twice in my life have I seen anything like a gust lasting for just a second (and once I was blown off my bike whilst walking it). This could be a gust to Storm Force 10 as reported on the BBC South Weather News (where they included a gust of 86 mph, Force 12, at the Needleson the Isle of Wight).
Met Office: Shoreham

15 July 2011
"St Swithin's Day, if it does rain
Full forty days, it will remain
St Swithin's Day, if it be fair
For forty days, t'will rain no more"
It rained.

14 July 2011
An Earthquake of 3.9 magnitude (depth 10 km, poorly constrained) was felt in Shoreham at 7:59 am (not by me). Its epicentre was 89 km (55 miles) SSW of Brighton, 10 km under the English Channel.

Yahoo News Report
British Geological Survey Report
USGS Report
BBC News Report

26 June 2011
Thunder over Shoreham and simultaneous flashes of forked lightning every minute at 2:00 pm onwards. Not much rain at first, but large drops. Appreciable rain started at 2:10 pm. but stopped by 2:16 pm. There was a couple of minutes of hail around 2:45 pm.

26 June 2011
The sun burnt off the early morning mist (which obscured Mill Hill in the mid-morning). At 1:00 pm the air temperature was 17.0 °C but by 8:00 pmit rose to 24.1 °C.

8 June 2011
It was still blowing a Force 5 all day, this time from the south-west.

4 June 2011
It was warm and blustery, the warmest dayof the year so far recorded at 25.8 °C at 3:00 pm, but again spoilt by steady Strong Breeze (Force 6) from the north-east gusting to Gale Force 7 all through the day. North of the Toll Bridge, Old Shoreham, the north wind was causing frequent whitecaps at high tide.

3 June 2011
It was an almost perfect blue sky with a few streaks of wispy Cirrus clouds and a pleasant 23.5 °C which was the the warmest day of the year so far, spoilt by steady Strong Breeze (Force 6) from the north-east gusting to Gale Force 7 in the afternoon.
Met Office: Shoreham

25 May 2011
Under a wispy Cirrus-streaked blue sky it was a steady Strong Breeze (Force 6) gusting to Gale Force 8 in the middle of the day. Throughout the afternoon the rain Cumulus clouds moved over and the Strong Breeze continued mostly throughout, increasing to a steady Gale Force 7 before reducing to Force 5. There were brief and heavy rain showers, and regular gusts to 45 mph (Force 8). The moderate to large waves blowing in from the south-west were topped by whitecaps.

Strong Breeze (Force 6)

23 May 2011
For one day the wind dropped under a Cirrocumulus blue sky.

22 May 2011
It was far too breezy (a steady Force 6) to photograph flowers.

24 April 2011
Easter Sunday was the warmest day of the year so far, reaching 22.8 °C at both 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm, the same as the previous day but for a longer period of time.

23 April 2011
Advection fog set in over the sea at Lancing (east Widewater) as the tide turned and the visibility was diminished to under 50 metres at 10:30 am. It was the warmest day  of the year so far, reaching 22.8 °C at midday.

21 April 2011
It was the warmest day  of the year so far, reaching 21.1 °C at 1:00 pm.

20 April 2011
It was the first warm day of the year when the air temperature at midday reached a qualifying 20.3 °C under a clear blue sky.
Met Office: Shoreham

7 April 2011
The sun shone throughout the day and the air temperature reached 18.8 °C, the highest of the year so far.

22 March 2011
The sun appeared and the air temperature reached 15 °C.

8 March 2011
There was a thin layer of ice on my garden pond all morning, followed by the sunniest afternoon so far this year which an air temperature reaching an estimated 11 °C.

3 - 6 March 2011
There was a noticeable chilly easterly breeze throughout the daylight hours, but my garden pond was not frozen over at dawn.

7 January 2011
The first rays of sunshine of the year occurred for about an hour around midday.

4 January 2011
Low clouds obscured a partial Solar Eclipse which occurred in Sussex after the sun rose over the horizon between 8:00 am and 9:30 am.

BBC News Report

 Beaufort Scale

Selected weather reports for 2010

Adur Nature Notes 2017

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