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To see a World in a grain of sand,
And Heaven in a wild flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour

William Blake

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25 May 2019

Ox-eye Daisies

23 May 2019

Red Valerian, Tree Mallow, Thrift &Sea Kale
Hoary Cress, Sea Kale, Tree Mallow
Shoreham Beach East, Lancing Widewater Beach

On Widewater flood plain, the yellow dandelion-like plants were Cats Ear.

21 May 2019
White fluffy Cumulus clouds allowed intermittent sunshine brought frequent butterflies out on the lower slopes of Mill Hill. Wild Mignonette was in flower. The first Dropwort appeared on its tall stalk above the short green vegetation.

Wild Mignonette, Dropwort, Hounds-tongue
Horseshoe Vetch & Milkwort, Bladder Campion
Mill Hill

I noted the meadow north of the upper car park was now covered in Brambles and the vegetation already up to chest height. I did not venture in as it was getting late in the afternoon. The middle slopes immediately south of the Copse had patches of Horseshoe Vetch and the first Bladder Campion was just about flowering. Crosswort was recorded for the first time (it is easily overlooked) on Mill Hill. Hawthorn was beginning to lose its blossom as Elderflower was beginning.

20 May 2019

Rough Hawkbit, Silverweed
Hairy Violet, Bulbous Buttercup
Mill Hill

I noted the following wild flowers for the first time this year: Rough Hawkbit, Mouse-eared Hawkweed, Hairy Violet, Dog Rose and the first flowering on Mill Hill of the large shrubby Hounds-tongue. The smaller than usual amount of flowering Horseshoe Vetch, Hippocrepis comosa, was disappointing, with none around the Tor Grass, which appears to have spread. Dog Violets were still flowering.
Adur Violets

19 May 2019

Ragged Robin [6], Welted Thistle [5], Slender Thistle and Poppies[5], Yellow Flag
Garlic Mustard [6],Yellow Flag [6]

18 May 2019

Slender Thistle, Red Hawthorn, Water Dropwort, Holly
 Star of Bethlehem ?  Bird's Foot Trefoil
Downs Link Cyclepath just north of the Tollbridge

Elderflower was beginning to flower as Wayfaring Tree was losing its flowers on the verges of the Downs Link Cyclepath just north of the Tollbridge, where an Holly Tree was seen with its small white flowers. Slender Thistle was flowering by the River Adur by Ropetackle North with the first single flower of Welted Thistle, but no flowers yet of Spear Thistle or Creeping Thistle.

14 May 2019

 Crosswort [1],Green-winged Orchid [2],Hounds-tongue [2]
Ox-eye Daisy [3], Columbine [4]
Adur Levels

13 May 2019

Bird's Foot Trefoil, Milkwort with Horseshoe Vetch
Knapweed Broomrape
Mill Hill

10 May 2019
Blackthorn was in leaf at Cuckoo's Corner and Hawthorn was in flower. Cow Parsley was dominating the verges with Garlic Mustard elongated so it appears that it has lost its top leaves (but it is not so). The biennial plant grows taller and takes on a spiky appearance. Red Campion and  White Campion produced the prettiest colour in the verges, but there were also very large-leaved Dandelions, and both the tall Meadow Buttercups and the ground hugging Creeping Buttercups. Welsh Poppy and Yellow Flag were seen in flower.
Adur Buttercups

7 May 2019

Beaked Hawksbeard, Crepis vesicaria
Seen in the flickr group Flora of the British Isles: A Photographic Guide
Towpath next to Ricardo

Cichorioid Daisies

2 May 2019

Horseshoe Vetch & Milkwort, Holly
Wayfaring Tree
Sedge & Salad Burnet, Carline Thistle
Mill Hill

1  May 2019

Cow Parsley & Alexanders
Green Alkanet, Germander Speedwell
Adur Levels, south of the Flyover

30 April 2019

Field Pansy, White Campion
Pill Box Way Bank

The first flowering colonisers on the exposed Pill Box Way Bank were the predictable Oil Seed Rape, hundreds of White Campion, scores of Hoary Cress, a surprise (probably seeded?) group of the violet Field Pansy, Viola arvensis, at least one Pineapple Weed, and plenty of leaf flora not yet in bloom. It will be interesting to see what flowers emerge? At the side of the exposed towpath from the Tollbridge to Cuckoo's Corner, there were plenty of Stinging Nettles, plus flowering Cow Parsley and White Deadnettle the most noticeable flora. On the shady verges of the Coombes Road there was the common Garlic Mustard. Red Campion and Bluebells were frequent and noted especially underneath the raucous Rook nest canopy.

Slender Thistle, Garlic Mustard, Red Campion, Bugle

The Downs Link Cyclepath from Botolphs back to Shoreham (as the shadows grew longer) was not worthy of copious notes, except the expected Cowslips on the verges, newly flowering Hawthorn and Wayfaring Tree in the green hedge-like boundaries, areas of Three Cornered Garlic, clumps of Bugle, and just the large leaves of Coltsfoot. Adur Recreation Ground was densely covered in Common Daisies near the Railway Viaduct. Slender Thistle was seen for the first time this year on the western pavement side of the road bridge over the Flood Arches.

25 April 2019

Red Campion, Green Alkanet, Cow Parsley, Garlic Mustard
White Deadnettle, Ramsons, Broad Bean, Ground Ivy
Near Cuckoo's Corner, Coombes Road

Adur Campion

24 April 2019

Horseshoe Vetch, Cowslips, Milkwort, Sweet Violet
Dog Violets, Hawthorn, Dandelion
Mill Hill

22 April 2019

Black Medick, Common Vetch, Thrift
Dove's Foot Cranesbill,  Mouse-ear
Widewater Flood Plain

19 April 2019

Cuckoo Flower (= Lady's Smock) at Woods Mill
Wood Anemone, Dog Violet at Tottington Woods

Adur Violets

18 April 2019

Oxford Dandelion, Common Daisy
Widewater Flood Plain (east of the bridge)

Dandelions & their ilk

17 April 2019

Germander Speedwell, Cowslips, Ground Ivy
Common Milkwort, Ploughman's Spikenard (dead)
Mill Hill

15 April 2019

Garlic Mustard, Spanish Bluebells, Primroses
Coombes Road

Blackthorn had lost its flowers and Hawthorn was budding at Cuckoo's Corner, but further up the Coombes Road by Ladywells Stream and the scout's hut (Streamside), Blackthorn was still flowering. Garlic Mustard was beginning to flower on the Coombes Road verges as well as the first of the Spanish Bluebells. Lesser Celandine was still prevalent on the verges, with the first of the Cow Parsley amongstthe taller vegetation.

11 April 2019

Dog Violets on the lower slopes of Mill Hill

Adur Violets

10 April 2019

Nipplewort, Corn Salad, Annual Wall Rocket
Shoreham Pavement Weeds

8 April 2019
Blackthorn dominated the white blossom plentiful in the hedgerows and amongst the scrub on the downs. Cherry Plum had virtually finished and so had the early Blackthorn, but Hawthorn was yet to flower in the wild. Alexanders were abundant as usual near the River Adur. There were abundant White Deadnettle and smaller clumps of Red Deadnettle.

Green Alkanet, Cowslip, White Deadnettle
Three Cornered Garlic, Lesser Celandine
Downs Link Cyclepath

Cowslips were common on the verges of the Downs Link Cyclepath between the Erringham Gap and the Cement Works. These verges also hosted Lesser Celandine, Dandelions, Coltsfoot, Ground Ivy, Field Speedwell and Three Cornered Garlic, Allium triquetrum. Cows Parsley was flowering in one plant on the banks of the Adur at Upper Beeding by Dacre Gardens. Green Alkanet was found by the Waterworks Road, Old Shoreham, and at Cuckoo's Corner.
Garlic Mustard was just appearing on the Coombes Road verges near Cuckoo's Corner. The small Dove's Foot Cranesbill was scattered over a few grass verges.

Lesser Celandine
Ranunculus ficaria has become Ficaria verna

29 March 2019

Primroses in the Shade
Road to Lancing College

25 March 2019

False Oxlip
(Picture from 8 April 2019)

A Common Bee-fly visited the first few Cowslips on the the verges of the Downs Link Cyclepath south of the Cement Works. False Oxlip was also present in one clump.

24 March 2019

Scurvy Grass
Shoreham Beach

Oxford Ragwort
Kingston Buci Beach

19 March 2019

Alexanders, Red Deadnettle
Marsh Marigold, Sweet Violets, Lesser Celandine

14 March 2019

Spurge, Euphorbia

Spurge, Euphorbia, has escaped from the gardens and has begun successfully colonising the beach near Ferry Road, Shoreham. It looks reasonably attractive but it could become dominant.

12 March 2019
Oxford Ragwort was clearly seen in flower by the railway tracks at Eastern Avenue level crossing, Shoreham-by-Sea, as I waited in the rain for three trains to pass.

8 March 2019

Marsh Marigold
(Photograph 30 March 2019)

1 March 2019

At last, the first flowers appeared on the verges of the Downs Link Cyclepath between Old Shoreham (south) and Shoreham Cement Works with just a couple of clumps of False Oxlip and Spring Snowflake, Leucojum vernum (looking like a larger than life Snowdrop) nearer the southern end. This is possibly a Double-flowered Snowdrop, Galanthus nivalis Flore Pleno, Two yellow Coltsfoot were in their usual place on the first verge south of the Cement Works. Cherry Plum blossom appeared with their bright orange anthers on a solitary tree.

15 February 2019

Snowdrops at Coombes

12 February 2019


2 January 2019
Hawkweed Ox-tongue was my first wild flower of the year by the cyclepath at Old Shoreham, south of the Tollbridge.

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[1] Downs Link Cyclepath at Old Shoreham (north of the Tollbridge)
[2] Anchor Bottom
[3] Downs Link Cyclepath between the Flyover and the Cement Works (dis)
[4] Downs Link Cyclepath by Annington Sewer
[5] Downs Link Cyclepath by Ropetackle North
[6]  Coombes Road near Cuckoo's Corner


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